10 Reasons Why I Love Pintrest.

I have discovered a new social network. Pintrest is, in my opinion, the new Tumblr. I like that Pintrest is a lot more classy- basically all G-Rated stuff- and every time I log in, I am inspired by something or another. I also love the organization feature- scrolling through an endless page on Tumblr always evokes frustration, but in Pintrest, I just go to my style pinboard (or whatever I'm looking for) and find it, all the easier. There is so much DIY fun, and outfitspiration, I can't contain myself. If you don't have a Pintrest, send me an email or comment below and I'll get you an invite (this website can only be accessed by invitation- another great thing, to avoid spammers!). I sincerely have found a new favorite thing to do. Pintrest is fun, organized, and an amazing site that I can't get over. Be sure to check it out- you'll be glad you did!

1. Classify your Style. Do you like preppy things, or are you more of an urban chic? You will realize your own personal style preferences on this amazing site.

2. True Grit. Not too many people I know have a Pintrest. In some ways this is awesome, because it is uniquely yours, and other people you know won't be stocking you like on Facebook where everyone knows you. I am sort of paranoid of Twitter for this reason- the whole strangers stocking conundrum- but on Pintrest you're just showing what you love and not giving away any personal information whatsoever.

3. Get Inspired. Every time I visit this fun site I find something I want to do, make, or wear. It is so fun to look at after you have a lazy Saturday and just throw on a basic tee and jeans.

4. Satisfy your Sweet Tooth. Ok, I'll admit, my foodie album has evoked a ton of mouth-watering crave moments, but after looking at a bajillion desserts and dips, you get the picture and are satisfied- and haven't eaten an ounce!

5. Dreams come true. Well, more like obsessions. My dream photo shoot is with a whole bunch of balloons, and pintrest has given me even more ideas regarding it. My friend Linnea can relate.

6. Discover Wonderful Places. I  had never even heard of the Moses Bridge until last night when looking at stunning pictures of it. It is now at the top of my must-visit list.

7. Do-It-Yourself. Don't get me started on the wonderfully easy DIY's that I've found. Cute, sweet things that I can't get over. It gives you nice tips and advice, not to mention simplified instructions.

8. Entertainment. Tell me Comic Sans doesn't make you laugh.
9. Totally Agree. There are so many quotes, verses, and creations that I can't get enough of. I haven't agreed more with stuff on Tumblr or Facebook, to tell you the truth.
10. Coo. Yeah, I'm not exactly a coo-er. Or a hugger. But I couldn't stop cooing at these wonderful pictures.
Please, I'm begging you to make a Pintrest. If you already have one, I love you even more. Here's a link to my personal page if you want to check out what I've posted or follow me. Have fun pinning!


I don't wear glasses. I love them, and they make a cute fashion accessory, but I don't wear them. But, after rereading Lexa's guest post and visiting a new Anthropologie location, I have to say, I'm hooked. Even if you're like me and don't need a prescription, there are lots of options! Here are some great ones I've seen and owned.
Glasses from Claire's, $5. These glasses, which Molly and I bought this summer and couldn't resist matching- and talk about a good deal. The red is a fun way to add a crazy feel to an outfit you're not crazy about because it is boring or drab (although Molly's outfit here is gorgeous!).
Tortoiseshell Glasses are perfect for a cool, autumn-y outfit. The Chambray top and scarf are perfect for winter weather and go great with the coffee-bar hipster vibe of the outfit. Not to mention that excellent reading material- Vogue is obsessionary.
Glasses from Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom's accessories- they aren't as pricey as some of the clothes, yet they have a nice, classy feel to them.
Saturated readers from Anthropologie, $38. I mean, I like orange, but these aren't really for me. They made my face seem more round and didn't have the feel  or shape that I generally wanted. I did like the cat-eye feel of them, though. Cat eye glasses are a fun and sassy way to add statement to your look.
Prada Glasses. I love these because the rim of the cat eye is at the eyebrow, which visually raises the cheekbones, making the face look slim.
I couldn't resist. Smarty-Pants Readers, $68, Anthropologie. These glasses made me feel like I was in a Dr. Seuss movie. Glasses are so fun because they can transport you to a time or place that no other accessory or piece of clothing could do.
Glasses can take you anywhere.
The spectacles really made this outfit. Without them, it would be an entirely different picture- and a lot more ordinary. Glasses, costume or not, can transform the outfits you have that you may be bored with.

So, let me know what you think! I want to hear all about your glasses, your opinions. Comment below or send me a post via Facebook. See you soon, friends!

Ten Thousand

This morning, at 2am to be exact, Fashion Hauties finally reached the goal of ten thousand page views! This is such an amazing accomplishment- in June, I listed it under my "unrealistic goals" chart for an English project. And now, it is a reality. Thanks so much to all of you, who are the viewers who kept this possible. Tonight, I'm going to flash back to some of the forgotten posts, and the newer ones- my favorites, the silly ones, and the crazy ones. Get ready for a flash down memory lane!
Our First Sketch. This still has to be one of my favorites. The bright color, the glamorous cut and shape, it is one of the dresses that I wish I could transform from a piece of paper to reality.
Jewelry Hanger DIY. This was not only a great post to do, but it was a successful DIY- I use and maintain my jewelry hanger on a daily basis. I got rid of my jewelry box.
Shoot with Molly and Elli. This was one of my favorite posts I've done, besides my Vintage Shopping tips which I still must admit as my favorite post, at least in 2011.
My hot chocolate party: success. Not only was this great fun, but the creative decorations were perfect for the cool winter party. Hot chocolate bars are a new favorite!
This amazing photo shoot with Elli turned out excellently. I truly loved this photo shoot, and it was too great to wait ten minutes to post. I always refer back to these pictures.

Last but not least, here's the first photo shoot I ever posted.

Really guys, thanks! It has been amazing hearing what you think and answering your fashion questions. I love blogging, and basically every second of it. I can't thank you all enough. I can't wait for Fashion Hauties to grow, and I am now accepting guest post opportunities. Let me know what you want to write about, and we'll be in touch ASAP. Email me at fashionalexandria@yahoo.com.
Also, we're at nearly 30 fans on Facebook, and 20 followers on Google! If you're not already subscribed, feel free to do so!
Thanks so much for the support, all of you! Here's to another 10,000! -Abby

Prom 2012

Today I got a question via text about prom trends for this year. Goodness, keep getting questions in the random-est places- no lie, my teacher asked me one after reading my blog. Talk about awkward. Anyways, some stuff is so adorable this season, prom-wise, and other things couldn't be farther from awesome. Here's your guaranteed list of to do's and not to do's!
Image from Teen Vogue.
Don't go for the toddler's flower girl dress in your size. Mix this trend with another, or find a unique look that's mature and just yours. The problem with these colors is that they are so relevant to the baby and small child trend that they would have to include a lot of effort to pull off. They are so sweet and innocent that they need an older look to go. Notice how in this look everyone has multiple pieces and edgy accessories that make it obvious that they aren't accidentally at Prom instead of their first communion. Although I don't understand the guy in the middle wearing a skirt.
Lacoste Skirt.
This trend is a little Toddlers and Tiaras, but it's great if you find a nice not too toddler-y happy medium. Try colors like royal purple or black to create more of a mature vibe. I love this skirt specifically that they featured widely in their ad campaign because it would still be appropriate for prom, yet it is so fun and you can guarantee that nobody else will be wearing a skirt. This won't tone down the formality of the look because of the glitter, but it will help you not be so dressed up. Show up to prom in a dress like this and I guarantee it will be memorable.

Lace Sleeves

Sleeves are great for early March Proms when it's still cold outside. Nice lacy, ethereal pieces have a great sophistication and vibe that look so fairy tale. I hate boring Prom dresses. To me, lace sleeves help tell a story of its own, giving it a vintage feel. I personally wouldn't get a white dress because it would be too wedding-like. Stick with cream if you want to go light or black, purple, or navy for a modern look. I've also seen amazing coral and royal blue lace dresses that would look excellent next to nylon and silk materials.
Dark Ballerina
From Teen Vogue.
This extremely dark romance, Gothic, sort of black swan look to things is so popular for Prom this year. This look is so great because it is so easy, yet edgy and mature. I love the strappy sandals and the elegant accessories. Mystical, chandelier prints just like on the model's skirt are perfect for a unique look.

Remember to keep your own style. Find a unique look that suits you. These dresses went from ultra-femme to intense gothic. Find a look you like that you want to embrace Prom night! If you have any Prom questions, or fashion questions in general, check us out on Facebook!

Frozen Yogurt is Amazing.

Elli and I decided to stop by a new Frozen Yogurt shop that just opened (isn't that ironic? January?). Not only was there amazing yogurt, but it was decked out. Not in a foodie sense, although it was quite delicious. We're thinking in a photographer's perspective. 
Love this picture of Elli so much! She just got her braces off and has legitimately perfect teeth. So jealous.
Awesome lighting. 
The whole shop had awesome minimalist vibes with a dash of color. I love looking at style in the real world. I recently purchased a book in Kate Spade's book series; Style. She talked about even the design on a packgage of Wonder Bread can be an awesome inspiration to the outfit. The book heavily touched on looking at architecture and landscape and the overall vibe of things to check out how you can style an outfit off of it. This store really reminded me of Jil Sander, who went really adventurous with the paisley this season, yet made it white and minimalist as the main source of color.
Jil Sander Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection.
The joke about this picture is my face. I look like I'm wearing green foundation. But other than that, it's an amazing shot!
Out of the whole group, I love this one. The minimalist vibes of the shop that was decked out with cool lights really reflected onto the machines. I'm so glad I shot this just as we were walking out.
Thanks so much for reading, everyone! I hope you have a fantastic and haute day!

A Pop of Color

It was a dreary, cloudy day and I needed a prescription of color with a dash of texture. Check out Elli and I's best shoot yet!
My yellow pants and riding boots, of course. Can't live without 'em!
Sweater from Old Navy.
My apologies for the grimace! But here's a full outfit view. Blue and yellow look fabulous together, and make this outfit nice and bright without being so neon that you can see me from three blocks away.
Betsey Johnson Sunglasses.
I just wanted to comment that this is one of the most attractive photos ever taken of me- NOT! 
Elli blowing up our Japanese cat balloon.  These are literally the best thing ever, but they were old and stuck together, eventually tearing or exploding everywhere.
Elli really loves our balloons.
We encountered an unfortunate circumstance that is still unbeknownst to us: the balloons wouldn't float! We later dragged them on the ground into a shop and gave them to the owner, who didn't care about these weird balloons. 
Throwing sink-y balloons up in the air is a party.
Vineyard vines is the best thing ever created, I promise. But I'll rant about their awesomeness in another post.
This look sort of reminded me of color blocking- if it is, it's the easy way. Make sure while color blocking to wear two colors that go together well- stay away from really bright colors, black, and white to avoid a crazy, mono-toned look and to not clash- go for duo toned looks.
I love the sunset background. The water looks pink!
Blowing up a balloon-unfortunately just after this was shot, it exploded.
Elli forced me to include this to our little album- should I title it starfish?

Thanks so much for reading, all of you! Remember, check us out on Facebook!

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