New Year? New and Improved!

     Welcome, 2012! Last year was amazing, and it will be missed- but I can't wait for you to see what is in store for 2012! Thank goodness thinks like wearing leggings instead of pants, neon jumpsuits, manly clothing, clunky shoes and sneakers, and puffy Harem pants are given a time to leave, and go rest in peace in the style-less graveyard. As Stacy London always says, "It's not you, it's the clothes." This year, with a goal of wearing new and improved fashions, we should acknowledge a resolution that is doable.
     The most desired body type is an hourglass shape. Regardless of your body type, these tips can work for you in the effort to give the illusion of an hourglass shape. Assets -or the illusion of having them-like a tiny waistline will help your overall appearance, making you look chic and sleek all with the addition of a simple piece of clothing.
Accent the Waist Directly
These pieces will obviously show your tiny waistline.

Tuck in your Shirt
Tucking in your shirt to a skirt like Isa and Molly did above is a very easy, yet somewhat obvious way to show the waistline. The contrast of colors draws the focal point of the outfit to the waist, making it appear smaller.

Belt It
Ralph Lauren Collection Sweater, $200,
This sweater is great because it has two focal points, yet one is drawing to another. The neck of the sweater is fanned out, drawing the eyes off of the neck. Because it is unemphasizing the neck, your eyes are drawn to the belt which is cinching in the waist. The large neck also adds to making the waist look tiny.
Also, When belting a dress or sweater, be sure to not tie it very tight- it will look like you are trying to look skinnier than you are and you will appear to have gained weight, not lost it.
Chances are the first thing you noticed looking at this photo was the belt. A belt makes a nice focal point that isn't overexaggerated.
Here is an example of finding a nice sweetspot. Pencil skirts can sometimes not have an exact waistline, so while belting these, place the belt about one inch below the top of the skirt and it will appear to be a pencil trench skirt.
Many dresses are designed with the hourglass shape in mind, so the waistline is already accentuated. Think of this like the belt is "built in."

Accent the Waist Indirectly
Clothing that accents your waist indirectly will show your slim waistline subtly- like you didn't plan for such a teeny waist to be shown off.

Tailored Jackets
Banana Republic Jacket, $50.
These jackets are great for accentuating the waistline. Wearing the jacket half buttoned or unbuttoned is a way to give an effortless vibe and not overdo it.
The stitching going up to the bust is another point which creates the waistline of the jacket.

Put Your Hand on Your Hip
Nordstrom Brass Plum Tank, $20. Cuff from local boutique.
Putting your hand on your hip is another trick to draw the focal point to the waist. Wearing a statement cuff or cocktail ring will accentuate the focal point, bringing the eyes there to look at it.
Eva Mendes is wearing a pretty shapeless frock. A quick fix- losing her about 20 pounds visually- is putting her hand on her hip. Putting your hand on your hip is a very well known celeb trick for this reason.
The colorful cuff draws attention to the hand on hip, rather than just the dress. It gives some pizzazz to a boring outfit as well during photos!

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Let's make 2012 the year where the world doesn't end because the waiting list for being on What Not to Wear is so long, but the year that you make the decision to wear more shapeful things and accentuating and creating the illusion of having a tiny waist. Here's to the best year yet!

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