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Hey there! I know it's been a couple weeks since last post, but I'm back!
This afternoon, I got cupcakes with some friends to celebrate my birthday! We had a blast.
I have an obsession with bottled sodas. They taste so much better than anything else. That's a proven fact. Anyways, to do this, I purchased three six packs of bottled sodas, as well as paper straws. I asked the floral department at the store I was at to tie ribbons around the drinks, and this is the wonderful result! I'm so happy with how they turned out, and they made for a great centerpiece!
Blowing out sparkler-candles.
Can't get over it.
Surrounded by the best people.
The cupcake place we ate at had the most adorable decor- from heart-shaped wire chairs to pink and magenta striped walls, to an antique chandelier.

Thanks for reading, y'all!
Have a great week.

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