Pin-Ariffic: Some Amazing Fall Pins on Pinterest Lately

Hey guys! I wanted to stop by and show you some phenomenal pins I've stumbled across in the past few days on Pinterest (which, by the way, is my obsession). Fall, I have to admit, other than the stress of school coming back into session, is my favorite season. It's so nice to sit back, relax, and just have a pumpkin latte. Everything about fall is so rustic and adorable.
This oversized sweater looks so comfortable, but is equally adorable! I don't get the chance to go thrifting often, but when I did, my friend and I found this gorgeous cashmere tunic that was just like this! I can't wait to wear it!
Fall is such a good time to unleash your inner hipster. When I see hipster fashions, I think loose, flowy, and unique clothes. We definitely see a lot more of those during the fall when it gets cooler.
I literally have been anticipating the first snow for almost a year now. Last year it literally snowed one inch, combined, where I live. It was drastically lower than normal.
I love everything about this. The orange perks up the outfit, and I have a bit of an obsession with barn coats and vests. The oxford polishes it off, and jeans are a great staple. Not to mention cute sunnies!
The infinity scarf in this look is too cute! The pants look perfect with the riding boots, and I love how she mixed prints with the blazer and striped top.
I absolutely adore this idea. Wearing a chunky cardigan with a tank and shorts is the perfect transition piece to say a final goodbye to your favorite summer tops without looking crazy wearing them in 40 degree weather!
This is a perfect example of my kind of fall school clothes. A plaid tank and riding boots really bring out fall, with jeans of course. What brings together the look is the scarf! I really need to get some more of them. I can tell they are going to be a major wardrobe staple this fall.
I have a chambray top that I own, but don't get to wear too often. I love to look at styling ideas for them because they can be a tricky thing addition to an outfit (but when you do wear them, they look fabulous!). These orange pants add an unexpected pop and the jeweled necklace pull the outfit together and make it look more polished and less casual.

Thanks so much for reading!
Comment below your Pinterest username and I'll take a look at your fall style boards!

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Ice Cream and Milkshakes: Outfit of the Day with Molly!

Hi Guys! Today Molly and I walked to get some ice cream today and take a few pictures. Beware, this is a super casual outfit of the day, but we had a great time and summer's almost over!
Molly's glasses and hat are from Asia. Yes, her hair is pink! She dyed it with Kool-Aid as an experiment and is planning on doing her entire head. What do you think?
The ice cream shop was adorable!
Molly's top is Old Navy and shorts are from J. Crew. Bag from Tory Burch.
Delicious milkshakes!
Molly took a great headshot by the water.
The ice cream shop is so delicious!
Here's another fun headshot!
I told you my outfit was unfortunately nothing special! I'm wearing a top from J. Crew, Urban Outfitters Shorts, and my favorite Burlap Toms.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
What is your favorite summer treat?

Trending this Fall: Going for a Ride

Hi Guys! Today I'm starting a new series featuring fall trends for 2012. Here is one of my favorite coming trends of bringing the classic and cute equestrian look of horseback riders to the runway.
Tommy Hilfiger
I love this ad (and not just because of the dogs!). It brings the traditional herringbone print (which we will be seeing a lot of this fall) back into the spotlight. The cranberry hue is a nice spin on the average red of fall, bringing a more feminine tone to the outfits. And of course, the riding boots.
You guys know how much I love my riding boots, and I can honestly say, they have a way of making an outfit. They are such a classic staple that will dress up an outfit, but not too much for something casual (like school or shopping around town) as heels do. 
I've always had an obsession with equestrian patched leggings, and this entire outfit is adorable! The knit sweater and jacket add even more of a classic feel to the look.
How do you like the equestrian trend for fall?

I Wish I Could Draw...

Hey guys! Today I wanted to tell you about this amazing artist that I've discovered named Chelsea Rodgers! Not only does she do amazing work, but I can see the true meaning and depth that she is trying to portray. Often in art, I (and I'm sure you can back me up on this) have no idea what the heck the artist is trying to show. Her art is not only gorgeous, but really leaves me inspired.
I'm kind of obsessed with this because if you think about it literally, it's a pencil and paper. And look what has come out of this, The people literally jump out of the page and are so animated. It shows the true beauty of the human race.
I'm obsessed with this one as well! It's really a sweet and dramatic painting, and the quote is really meaningful.
This graphic design is so adorable. The girl on the umbrella, the colors... it's so cute! It also portrays a great message. Turn a boring day into something imaginative.
I love this reading, and the typography here is so great! I love typography, so this is really appealing to me.
This bird diagram really reminds me of innocence for some reason. The bird is portrayed as something with emotions, rather than something out of a textbook.

Thanks for reading, guys! I'm sorry, I'm pretty bad at talking about art, but I really wanted to show you Chelsea's work!
Make sure you check out her website and like her on facebook!

Couture Obsession: Valentino

Hey guys! I'm sorry about being so inconsistent with posting this month- I've been out of town and banned from internet usage at camp. But no worries, I'm back and have some great posts coming your way in the next few weeks! I'm attending Fashion's Night Out, DC Fashion Week, and Northern Virginia Fashion Week this fall and am so excited and honored to be able to participate!
Anyways, today I wanted to talk about my all-time favorite designer: Valentino! Valentino is an Italian designer that has classic pieces, but always with a very unique piece that you won't see anywhere else. Consistently, their collections stand out to me and I can tell it's Valentino before looking closely because every piece is well planned and includes intricate designs and little touches that most designers don't bother with. I was very impressed with their fall collection and I just wanted to show you a few of their pieces that I wish I owned.
I really love how they mixed the combination of textures and prints with this piece, but to keep it from being majorly overpowering, kept it basically monotone. The lace gives visual interest, and the skirt's wool look isn't too "heavy" looking that it would make it look like underwear. Overall, this is a great piece that would be appropriate and professional enough to wear to the office or around the city. 
I love how this classic khaki trench is such a wardrobe staple already, but it will draw attention to the face with the pleated neckline. We saw pleats a ton this spring in skirts, but they brought a new twist to it all bringing it to the neckline, especially without making it resemble a turtleneck. I also have a little obsession with the buttons- they're tortoiseshell!

I'm loving this mini! It's so hard to find long sleeved dresses nowadays, and the bow on the shoulder really gives it a unique look. The short length sweeps away any expectations of it being a 'grandma' style dress with the long sleeves. I would wear this with some bright tights to liven it up and colored strappy heels.
Long strap and gold studs. It looks amazingly well made. That stuff is great, but what really drew me to this bag is the color. Forest green is my legitimate weakness. Everything that is forest green and reasonably fashionable, I buy. This, my friends, is the epitome of Valentino.

Most of the time, when I unleash my obsession of Valentino into a conversation, my friends have no idea what it is. If I could go to New York Fashion Week for only one show, it would be Valentino, hands down!
Now, you tell me:
How do you like Valentino and if You could attend any NYFW show, which one would you go to?

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Camping is In-Tents!

Hey guys! Sorry for the sparse posting lately! I've had camp back to back, literally. I had a fantastic time and I took some great photos that I wanted to share with you! I had an amazing week at camp with my friends. We had a great cabin, the best counselors I've ever had, and basically the reason anything about my summer is memorable. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
This shot is of my friend Caileigh that I took right after I got home. I don't know what the world's problem with gingers is- I am so jealous of their gorgeous hair! In this shot Caileigh's eyes are so magical! I'm sort of obsessed with this shot.
This is my best friend Linnea who goes to camp with me! She borrowed one of my cameras for the week and is one of those people who I consider to be natural born photographers. She doesn't even have a camera and she got some awesome shots.
Me outside the dining hall at camp.
My new friend Haley who is obsessed with Narwhales and Lilly Pulitzer!
Motion Selfie- hold your camera in front of you and spin in a circle while pressing the shutter button. The camera will purely focus on you, and the background will blur.
This is me and one of my counselors, Cullen! In person he looks like an exact match of Niel Patrick Harris, so we spent the week calling him variations of Niel, Barney, and Cullen(NBC for short!). This is after I stole his interrupting cow joke.
Self portraits!
In the middle of the road right outside our campground.
To warm myself up to fall, which I am absolutely dreading, I made a little bucket list. I admit, fall is my favorite season besides the fact that we now have schedules Monday-Friday and exams to study for. It's such a joyful, laid-back, loving season. And there's pumpkin! 
What is your fall bucket list?

Field Day

Molly and I decided to walk to a local field and try to catch their daily sprinklers. We had no such luck, but the grass was amazing for a quick Outfit Of The Day shoot! We got some great pictures!
J. Crew Chinos, Gap Tank. Vintage Belt, Studded Bracelet from Nordstrom Kids.
I just got these shorts from J. Crew and I am in love with them! Coral is one of my favorite colors. They unfortunately aren't my size, but I like paper-bag belting them. Wearing them with a fitted tee or tank works out perfectly! And they are oh-so comfy!
I love Molly's summery ensemble! Her tank is from Old Navy and Skirt is from Anthropologie. Belt and Sunglasses are both from local boutiques. The orange and turquoise contrast really brighten the look and give a sweet pop of color much needed during these hot days.
Sandals-Steve Madden
My flip flops are from Lilly Pulitzer and I am absolutely in love with them! Also shown are some of my other Nikon SLR lenses that we brought to use on Molly's new camera.
I love the clouds on Molly's glasses!
Something about pink and blue reminds me of bubble gum or cotton candy.
Thanks for reading! What is your go-to summer ensamble?

Collaging My Clothing

I went shopping yesterday with my friend and I wanted a new way to show you some of my purchases! I decided to make a sort of 3D Collage and organize my clothes. Let me know what you think in the comments! Sorry about the weird exposure on the right of them- the window made a huge glare but I wanted to use natural lighting!
Vintage Top, Gap Bikini Bottoms. Anthropologie Catalog, Brighton Tin, Lilly Pulitzer Sunglasses Croakie. Target earrings, Sharpies.
My favorite piece from this selection definitely has to be the Lilly Croakie. I've been eyeing it at the store for weeks and finally caved in and bought it! I got the pink top just because I was looking for a huge pocket shirt just like this for more casual days.
Jeans and Tank from Boutique, Boden Cardigan, Lemon change purse from Flea Market. 
I purchased the jeans basically to cut them into shorts. I go a great deal on them, they fit me, and I am sort of obsessed with the wash! I typically don't wear too much denim in the summertime, and I don't even own ones this wash! I'm really excited to wear them!
Lilly Pulitzer Baby Dress, Life is Good Top, J. Crew Printed Chinos
I absolutely love the colors and the print of the Chinos! I also love the fact that they actually make me look tan! The Life Is Good shirt is basically for camp next week. I need a warmer top for the camp out that can be layered that I don't mind messing up. This was perfect!
 I know, you must think I'm crazy buying a baby Lilly Pulitzer Dress! I bought it basically because the price was impossible to beat. Literally, it was 70 cents. I have no idea what to do with it, so if you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!
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