Change Your Photography Forever: A White Wall

 Hey guys! My friend Isa and I walked around looking for a decent white wall for almost an hour, and we finally stumbled across one in a local art center. We were both happily surprised with the results and this might as well be the best shoot yet!
We got some great headshots at really artistic angles.
I think these two are my favorite shots of the shoot- they are both dramatic and unique.
I'm absolutely in love with this photo of Isa!
The neutral background really made us creative and helped us get images we wouldn't get in a pretty garden.
The X's on our hands don't have any legitimate meaning- just adding to the drama!
I love the angles and coloration of these two! It really makes them stand out.
My tank is from a boutique near my house, Trench(Not pictured above): Burberry.
Isa's dress: Delia's.
I absolutely love how the X-Series turned out.
One of my favorite things about photography is that the subject doesn't always look like themselves in person. It's very true to some of these photos.
I love this photo- except for the fact that I shot the shoulders head on.

 How did you like these pictures? Let me know if you end up shooting with a white wall and thanks for reading! -Abby

SNOW-to shoot

Hey guys! It FINALLY snowed! Of course, my friend Nicole and I had to snap some shots and (if I do say so myself) they turned out great! Take a look!
Getting warm inside.
This shot was so hard to take because it kept snowing in my eyes!
I really love this headshot too. It looks like she's thinking about something.
I love the little snowflake standing up on itself. Too cute!
Intense headshot.
This is my favorite. I love the colors and basically everything about the photo- it's so joyful!

Thanks for reading!

Going Basic

Hey Guys! I hope you've had a great week so far! Elli and I decided to shoot with white background for some minimalistic change- and the results were great!
I didn't get the white balance right on these, but I still like the way they turned out.
I decided to try my hand at photoshopping levitation. How do you like it?
We got a few dramatic shots on the stairwell.
They had a mound of cardboard boxes laying out, and they worked great with the lighting.
Love this one of Elli!
Not cool.
{Skirt: Talbots. Top: Madewell.}
Of course, we went back to the white wall in the end.
I can't decide which headshot I like better. The top's rotation isn't the best, but my expression in the bottom one is rather cold. Help me decide!
I love these two of Elli!
This one reminds me of a dancer's headshot.

Thanks for reading, guys! Have a great day!

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