I'm sorry but these aren't attractive

Isn't fashion supposed to be about illusion? The illusion of flattery? Then tell me WHY again these are existent.

"omg!!! Hate these outfits. The woman looks soo masculine. The hair is messed up." -Anna
The skirts, even, but especially the shirts, are totally manly. I'm usually a fan of prada, but really, do you wanna look like a reformed man or a sweet little princess? I can see these being dropped off in thrift stores faster than you can say "hideous." (And being bought by people who are convicted or fashion arrest.) So, what do you think? I guess they were going for uniqueness but went too far.
(This photo is linked from http://grazia.ninemsn.com.au/img/blogs/Catwalk_Blog/2010/CatwalkBlog_Sept24_Prada.jpg)

Why I Hate Stripes!

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE dosen't get what I have against stripes. (Except for rugby shirts and sometimes the occasional desk supply)
1. They are a horriffic billboard just emphesizing the bad, horrible cut or something. I have a picture, but it's not uploading..
Fashion is supposed to be illusion right?
2. Then why is It creating the illusion that you have gained tons of weight? 20 pounds heavier even. Large, solid blocks of color do horrible things for your midsection. They even pose attention onto it.
3. Sometimes, the color combinations are disgusting. Um, try purple and green. Is this Barney? No, it's not. Stop trying to attract two-year Les while were having lunch. Thanks.
4. Striped pants. Um, there's a little saying the mean kids at school like to call "thunder thighs." Oh, I hope you get my point.

Fine, I admit, stripes can be okay, hut thick, ugly, tight, discolored striped shirts and miniskirts will never be in style. Not on my watch.

The best thing you could ever collect.

Bets. That's right. What thing could flatter you more- make you have a better, more defined
shape? A belt. Almost every dress I own I wear a belt with. Besides flattery, a best pullsan outfit together. You no longer look like a gian potato with limbs, you can consistanty see that your body is split into two, aka being "pulled together." Also, they are the only accessory that you can wear around your waist. Best thing ever!

Orange Dress

This was the second dress that Sarah and I drew together, but I dug it up to scan on.. I kind of like it! "This sunshine sweetheart neckline.. bright, flirty.. has a charming vintage feel.." -Jolle, An American In Paris

I like, you like, we all like this orange dress!
(Except for these yelowish elf-ly shoes!)
(And its a big slanted)
(And her huge eyes)
Other than that, I likey! -@

Raindrop Dress

This dress is inspired by "April showers bring May flowers." (Although it's scanned a bit darker than the actual dress would be.)
The actual colors are light pink and light blue. See what I mean about it being way too dark? -@

Charcol Dress!

Thanks again to Sarah who drew my designs!
This dress, again, is a satin-y material. A bit darker than the actual image, though. The one-shoulder makes it look more sheek, maybe even sleek! -@

Dress designed for Stacy London

So, Abby's latest obsession is Stacy London. She even designed a dress for her. Hey Stacy, if you're reading this, please contact us! That would be an absolute dream come true!"The Look.  This bright, bold green color is fashionable this season. Everyone knows that black is the fashion world's favorite color, except in the spring. This dress is simple with (the) black sash.. looks elegant." -Jolle, An American in Paris. -@
It is an emerald satin dress, with a bit of tulle-ish fabric underneath for layering. It's a bit longer than it actually looks- or it would be in real life.

Another short dress- thanks to the leggings!

This dress is different shades of blue- I liked it better in my head than on paper. The leggings look too much like yoga pants than leggings. So imagine that they are leggings! -@

Bow Mini-Dress!

Here is another  minamalist dress we designed, but its a bit short. Phooey. So just imagine this longer!
The belted part in the middle are bows. I hope you like it! -@

An evening gown!

This week, I'm getting into minimalisim. What ever was so great about intense detail?
Like? Thanks Sarah for your beautiful drawing! Where the large slit is, there is a slip dress underneath, and that is a coral color, but it dosen't exactly show up. Anyways, yeah. Designed during math. -@

Just like me.

Dude. Abby. Taylor. We're both HUGE fans of flowers. And not little outlines. Lame. We're talking Three-dimentional wonders here!
This dress. I don't know, it just inspires me. The flower, so intricate, yet so unique... oh am I in love yet?

Some like it, some dont, but its unique...

Seems like something different, right?
Inspiration was a parisan dress I saw in a store window with cool-shape top similar to this, but it was plain other than that. Like?

Coral Dress!

Everyone who saw this and raved, and I... not to be narsistic or anything, because I designed it.. love it too. Especially the color. "A-List Event Dresses. This punchy orange t-legnth and short dress is simple, architectual, chic, and MY FAVORITE." -Jolle, An American in Paris.
The original design is on the left, and Sarah's is on the right. :) I love it, don't you? -@

An American In Paris Interview! (Coming later this weekend!)

One of our favorite botiques' owners is being interviewed.. get exited, because you will LOVE!

Ballet Day

Ballet has major sophistication and simplicity. This look is very crisp, clean, and precise- but with the bright, non-ballet, almost techno colors, an edge is evident. This look isn't too wearable around town, but would be a huge statement regardless of where you've been. The ballet slipper style platforms are comfortable, yet risque. Slick back hair is the only way to go with this outfit to keep all eyes on the look.The hairpiece brings the outfit together because of the similar pattern on the shoes- making it one.
Obviously different from the traditional ballerina, this look could light up the streets.
(photo link)      "This fluttery one shoulder silohuette mini with edgy ballerina vibe.." -Jolle (An American In Paris)

April is Sarah Sketch Month!

For the rest of the month, each day we'll continue to post Sarah's sketches... we've posted a few others before, but this is the first one we ever did, and frankly, its one of the best.
The skirt is supposed to be flowy, but not too ballerina-like. And although Abby hates wedges, she is pretty much in love with these super strappy, super high heels, paired with navy socks.

Another Sarah Sketch

I showed this to a whole bunch of people and they hated it, but I like it. The top is fur or faux fur, and the skirt is wool. She dosen't have any shoes because the outfit had to be redone when we added them.. oops!

Tired... but time for a Valentino lecture. A.K.A. My secret weapon at school dances.

Okay. Valentino makes the goregous-est dresses... in the world. No joke. I'm obsessed, frankly, with every collection the ever will, have and has had. Their clothing and accesories are, but not limited to, beautiful, whimsical, fabulous, detailed, meticulous, sorta preppy, dainty, majestic.... just a few... don't make me go on. Can't they hurry up and make Valentino for Target or something? I can't afford thousand dollar dresses. I make $20 babysitting. I'd have to babysit like 500 times. Thats over a year. For one dress. SO I discovered renttherunway.com and was in paradise. You can seriously rent Valentino and Lilly Pulitzer and VERA WANG, Thakoon, Marc Jacobs?! Oh. My. Gracious. I would wear Vera to school. I swear. weartodaygonetomorrow.com Is another great rental place. Seriously, would you wear your prom dress two years in a row? Or ever again even? I'm not too experienced with prom yet, but I doubt I would.. I barely wear my nice dresses, and they aren't ball gowns. So isn't renting a great option? You can wear your dream dress at 1/10 of the price- and if you're still convinced to buy, they have last seaosns' stuff on sale, too for it's rental price! Sweet Deals? YEs. Adorable, Stylish, Alazing? Definatly. Worth it? For Sure. -@

Little Red Dress Sketch!

Sarah and I made these at school today... I made the designs, she drew the bodies and I colored/edited it. FABULOUS. "This vibrant red dress would fit everyone's mood. The belt adds on a feminine spin, and glam"-Jolle, An American In Paris.
Oh, when I saw it at school I liked it, but as I look at it now, It is AMAZING. Jeez, Sarah is such a talented artist- and she dosen't even take art class! -@
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