Tired... but time for a Valentino lecture. A.K.A. My secret weapon at school dances.

Okay. Valentino makes the goregous-est dresses... in the world. No joke. I'm obsessed, frankly, with every collection the ever will, have and has had. Their clothing and accesories are, but not limited to, beautiful, whimsical, fabulous, detailed, meticulous, sorta preppy, dainty, majestic.... just a few... don't make me go on. Can't they hurry up and make Valentino for Target or something? I can't afford thousand dollar dresses. I make $20 babysitting. I'd have to babysit like 500 times. Thats over a year. For one dress. SO I discovered renttherunway.com and was in paradise. You can seriously rent Valentino and Lilly Pulitzer and VERA WANG, Thakoon, Marc Jacobs?! Oh. My. Gracious. I would wear Vera to school. I swear. weartodaygonetomorrow.com Is another great rental place. Seriously, would you wear your prom dress two years in a row? Or ever again even? I'm not too experienced with prom yet, but I doubt I would.. I barely wear my nice dresses, and they aren't ball gowns. So isn't renting a great option? You can wear your dream dress at 1/10 of the price- and if you're still convinced to buy, they have last seaosns' stuff on sale, too for it's rental price! Sweet Deals? YEs. Adorable, Stylish, Alazing? Definatly. Worth it? For Sure. -@

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