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I interviewed the owners at Seymore's Fashions and Iparali Tailors about fixing damaged clothing. Sorry I didn't have too many pictures, but enjoy!

- How long have you been interested in altering outfits?
   Ravi: My father who started the business has been in garments since before I was born.  During my childhood on days we were not in school he would bring me and my brother to work with him.  As I got older I pursued my own interested.  But twists in life brought me back into the family business 6 years ago
 Matt:  This is a family owned business which my dad started about 40 years back.

- What do you specialize in?
Ravi: Custom made garments is our specialty.
Matt: We mainly specialize in men's suits, however 2 of our tailors have over 30 years of experience working with womens' dresses.

- What are some things that would be easy to fix at home?
Ravi: missing button, loose hem on the bottoms very little skill is required for these, just needles and thread.  If you have some basic sewing skills you can even take in pants or short bottoms.  Jackets need more attention and should be taken to someone who know the best way to fix them.
Matt: probably hemming pants is the easiest which doesn't require any equipment.

- What do you advise someone ignore because of broken features of the garment? (i.e. rips, broken zipper, ect.)
Ravi: Holes!  Moth holes, tears in the garments.  Those are difficult to repair, you would to bring it to a reweaving expert. 
Matt: Generally we can replace zippers and fix rips on the seams, if a moth gets to the garment and their is a visible hole, some re-weavers can mend it to where it's not noticeable but this is a very expensive process and may not always be 100%.

- What kinds of damages do you recommend bringing to your local altercation specialist?
  Ravi:  (not sure how to answer this question)  To many variable to mention
 Matt: Not really sure how to answer this because it depends on the garment, the damage, if it's a sentimental item, the cost of the alterations, etc

- What is one thing you wish you knew about fixing garments before you learned how to?
Ravi: How complicated it can get doing alterations.  Often by fixing one problem you can create another.
Matt: We usually taper in clothing to get it more fitted,not necessary fix damaged clothing 

-Matt Harpalani
Imparali Custom Tailors
608 Fifth Ave
Suite 310
New York, NY 10020


Seymores Fashions
211 Sutter St # 700  
San Francisco, CA
Thanks so much Matt and Ravi!

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