Collaging My Clothing

I went shopping yesterday with my friend and I wanted a new way to show you some of my purchases! I decided to make a sort of 3D Collage and organize my clothes. Let me know what you think in the comments! Sorry about the weird exposure on the right of them- the window made a huge glare but I wanted to use natural lighting!
Vintage Top, Gap Bikini Bottoms. Anthropologie Catalog, Brighton Tin, Lilly Pulitzer Sunglasses Croakie. Target earrings, Sharpies.
My favorite piece from this selection definitely has to be the Lilly Croakie. I've been eyeing it at the store for weeks and finally caved in and bought it! I got the pink top just because I was looking for a huge pocket shirt just like this for more casual days.
Jeans and Tank from Boutique, Boden Cardigan, Lemon change purse from Flea Market. 
I purchased the jeans basically to cut them into shorts. I go a great deal on them, they fit me, and I am sort of obsessed with the wash! I typically don't wear too much denim in the summertime, and I don't even own ones this wash! I'm really excited to wear them!
Lilly Pulitzer Baby Dress, Life is Good Top, J. Crew Printed Chinos
I absolutely love the colors and the print of the Chinos! I also love the fact that they actually make me look tan! The Life Is Good shirt is basically for camp next week. I need a warmer top for the camp out that can be layered that I don't mind messing up. This was perfect!
 I know, you must think I'm crazy buying a baby Lilly Pulitzer Dress! I bought it basically because the price was impossible to beat. Literally, it was 70 cents. I have no idea what to do with it, so if you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow, you went crazy! I wish I could just go and buy a ton of clothing hah. Those sunglasses are pretty unique - can't wait to see ya in them!

    1. Thanks Ally! I spent the last week camp counseling and decided it was a good time to blow off my paycheck :)

  2. If you wanted to you could cut the dress and make bracelets out of them!


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