Crazy Children Take Over The Night

Last night, Caileigh came over to go with me to youth group, and she was at my house after we got notice that we couldn't go, so we joined Molly for a little nightlife photoshoot. It was lots of fun and turned a depressing night fun!
Yes, we had a random stranger photograph the three of us. Of course all of us were wearing Chinos- hands down our favorite shorts!
We discovered a grafitti tunnel at the park and just had to pretend we were hipsters.
Caileigh's top and shorts from Old Navy. I absolutely adore her shorts! A great printed chino definitely make an outfit.
Molly's birthday is this week, and she got a shirt from Smosh, her favorite Youtuber!
She was a bit excited over the glowsticks.
Lots of fun at the creek!
We spent a good amount of time on the swings before it got dark!
Thats it! How have you turned a boirng evening and turned it into something memorable?


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