Trending this Fall: Going for a Ride

Hi Guys! Today I'm starting a new series featuring fall trends for 2012. Here is one of my favorite coming trends of bringing the classic and cute equestrian look of horseback riders to the runway.
Tommy Hilfiger
I love this ad (and not just because of the dogs!). It brings the traditional herringbone print (which we will be seeing a lot of this fall) back into the spotlight. The cranberry hue is a nice spin on the average red of fall, bringing a more feminine tone to the outfits. And of course, the riding boots.
You guys know how much I love my riding boots, and I can honestly say, they have a way of making an outfit. They are such a classic staple that will dress up an outfit, but not too much for something casual (like school or shopping around town) as heels do. 
I've always had an obsession with equestrian patched leggings, and this entire outfit is adorable! The knit sweater and jacket add even more of a classic feel to the look.
How do you like the equestrian trend for fall?


  1. okay iim obsessed with the first boot picture, those are ADORABLE. abby i love your blog!!!

    1. Thanks so much Megg! I love your blog too!

  2. Hey Abby! I saw your sweet comment on my blog, and decided to head on over :)
    I totally love the whole boots thing, and am constantly trying to find a new pair, but unfortunately, I haven't found any for this fall. Oh well, I shal keep looking! :D


    1. Thanks, Molly! I suggest checking out stores like Urban Outitters, especially after Christmas when they have a huge sale!


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