Couture Obsession: Valentino

Hey guys! I'm sorry about being so inconsistent with posting this month- I've been out of town and banned from internet usage at camp. But no worries, I'm back and have some great posts coming your way in the next few weeks! I'm attending Fashion's Night Out, DC Fashion Week, and Northern Virginia Fashion Week this fall and am so excited and honored to be able to participate!
Anyways, today I wanted to talk about my all-time favorite designer: Valentino! Valentino is an Italian designer that has classic pieces, but always with a very unique piece that you won't see anywhere else. Consistently, their collections stand out to me and I can tell it's Valentino before looking closely because every piece is well planned and includes intricate designs and little touches that most designers don't bother with. I was very impressed with their fall collection and I just wanted to show you a few of their pieces that I wish I owned.
I really love how they mixed the combination of textures and prints with this piece, but to keep it from being majorly overpowering, kept it basically monotone. The lace gives visual interest, and the skirt's wool look isn't too "heavy" looking that it would make it look like underwear. Overall, this is a great piece that would be appropriate and professional enough to wear to the office or around the city. 
I love how this classic khaki trench is such a wardrobe staple already, but it will draw attention to the face with the pleated neckline. We saw pleats a ton this spring in skirts, but they brought a new twist to it all bringing it to the neckline, especially without making it resemble a turtleneck. I also have a little obsession with the buttons- they're tortoiseshell!

I'm loving this mini! It's so hard to find long sleeved dresses nowadays, and the bow on the shoulder really gives it a unique look. The short length sweeps away any expectations of it being a 'grandma' style dress with the long sleeves. I would wear this with some bright tights to liven it up and colored strappy heels.
Long strap and gold studs. It looks amazingly well made. That stuff is great, but what really drew me to this bag is the color. Forest green is my legitimate weakness. Everything that is forest green and reasonably fashionable, I buy. This, my friends, is the epitome of Valentino.

Most of the time, when I unleash my obsession of Valentino into a conversation, my friends have no idea what it is. If I could go to New York Fashion Week for only one show, it would be Valentino, hands down!
Now, you tell me:
How do you like Valentino and if You could attend any NYFW show, which one would you go to?

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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