Oh my gosh, I love Polyvore! I use it every once and a while, but today I wasted hours on it. Three cheers for procrastinators! Anyways, it's lots of fun and you can make tons of weird stuff (as you will realize looking at this collection). Enjoy!

I started with a summer travel sort of theme using pastels.
City of Dreams

City of Dreams by fashionhauties featuring pastel shades

First attempt of an artistic collage:
Outer Space

Outer Space by fashionhauties featuring lip rings

It went downhill from there.


OBLIGATIONS by fashionhauties featuring knit socks

Polyvore+Me=Craziness. Oh goodness.

A taste of Spring!

This week was a wonderful taste of spring. Thanks so much for bearing with me during my mini blogging-vacation- I was practically living outside! Seventy degrees in February is dreamy.
The area where I live near is perfect and rich with history- I can't get enough of these photo op's!
This chambray dress is utter perfection. The punchy orange bag and bright yellow scarf make the look way more vibrant and bring it to the next level.
I am absolutely in love with this cardigan! I found it in October so I didn't have much warmness left of the year to wear it but I'm sure I'll wear it tons this Spring!
I got these square earrings from Nordstrom for my birthday and I've worn them lots already!
I cannot get over this outfit. Promise, if I had this in my wardrobe, I'd wear it in an instant!
Happy pre-spring everyone! Also, check out Molly's new post in which I was featured in! Thanks so much Molly! I love her 30-day fashion photography challenge that she's working on. See you guys soon!

Get ready for this fashion breakthrough! Springtime Layers.

At the end of February, you've gotta love that sweet seventy-degree weather that's just begging for you to laze around in. Disregard homework until after dark, spend all of your spare cash on walks to cafes and corner stores cheerfully with your friends. Spring is just oozing with amazingness. One thing that I realized was missing from my wardrobe was things to wear in this perfect weather. Layer, layer, layer.
A fun, printed 3/4-sleeve cardigan brightens up a blah day when you want to just throw on a graphic tee. 
Pump up the pastels!
Molly emphasizes pretty purples by layering them and sweetening things up with white stripes.
Isa did a great thing here: layering a long sleeved tee with a cheery tank can really brighten up a blah rainy day.
Using lace as a bottom layer can give some great texture and give the whole outfit some fun visual interest while wearing softer tones.
Navy and white have great contrast, but what really pumps up this look is the asymmetrical necklace from gap.
Elli put on this soft sweater on a cloudy day, and I have to say, the cream really makes her red hair POP!
This floral look is great for home and school. The print from the tank looks amazing matched with the clip in the hair.

Here's a fun set from Polyvore that I made:

                   Layer Me Crazy
I want to hear from you what your favorite pieces are to layer and how you layer them! Email me at fashionalexandria@yahoo.com. See you soon!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Goodness, I'm fifteen- well as of about an hour. I am so exited- fifteen is definitely the age where you go from being a little kid to a full-on teenager. Anyways, my amazing friend Elli surprised me with a bunch of balloons for my birthday! I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but a bunch of balloons is my ideal photo shoot. Ever. So it was basically a dream come true!
All-time favorite shot of the shoot. I absolutely love the color.
Second favorite takes the cake.
This shot of Elli is awesome- so nonchalant- do you often see a girl with a British accent sitting at the water holding a bundle of balloons? Elli does.
Sweet angle.
The grass is great here.
Ok, admitting it: I love this photo a ton. One, it looks like I have no braces. Two, the scarf is actually showing. Three, energy.
The whacked focus here is the best part.
Silhouette only capturing balloons in color. Amazing shot, creds to Elli.
This looks so modern-hipster turned Kate Spade ad.
I am in love with this picture. So much. It is amazing.
Great focus.

Thanks so much to Elli for taking all of the ones of me and for the amazing surprise of balloons! I absolutely adore this shoot! Also thank you to you all for reading- I'll see you guys later! -Abby

Photoraphy is what I do.

Molly was in a play (which I very regrettably cannot attend! My life is over!), so we haven't been able to have a mid-week photo shoot in forever. Finally, after rehearsals were over we got to have our first shoot in a while! My neighbor was getting rid of his amazing old Canon and offered it to me. Let's just say I screamed. I'm using a vintage Canon and lenses as well as my Alice and Wonderland Lomography Camera. I was so exited, and I think you will be too- I bet we can both agree that this shoot was fantastic!
Man, photography is amazing. Capture in an instant what the eyes can't see. Gaze at the beauty of something you never noticed before.
Have you ever thought what it would be like if you were a tiny dog and someone was standing up next to you? Being able to capture at all angles and dimensions is utterly wonderful.
Neutralize and boost your life. Find out the hidden and the small- stop focusing on the big picture.
People tell me so much that I edit photos more than I wear make up. That is most definitely the truth. Editing helps bring photography to the next level and give you even more of a creative outlet.
I love this.
Take yourself out of this crazy place- go elsewhere. Another time? You got it. All you need is a shutter and some glass. You're ready to go.
The last time I have gone somewhere with friends without having my camera in tow and actually using it was in early December. Why? Because it was dead.
You really don't need a fancy camera with bells and whistles to take great pictures. Try your point and shoot- even your cell phone! An amazing pro photographer told me that he's taken great photos even on his iPhone that can win over his DSLR. 
I took this with my awfully old phone's camera. Yeah, it may be one megapixel, but that shouldn't bring you down.
My words of advice: go for it. Bring your camera with you. If you don't have a camera, bring your phone. Becoming a good photographer doesn't develop overnight. With a bit of practice, you will acquire an eye for photography and the talent will surface.
I love photography, and I bet you will too. Tell me in comments below your photo tips, tricks, or what you love about it. I would most definitely love to hear your thoughts! -Abby

Tag! You're it!

Lulus.com tagged me via email.
Here's my fashion tags- I hope you love them! 

1. Who is your favorite designer?

I love Valentino. All of his dresses and outfits are flawless and presice. Other than that, I love Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren. My favorite designers change often, but Valentino has always been in the top spot.
2. What is your favorite trend of the moment?
Orange and seafoam green are the main colors this season, and I've fallen in love with them both. They both have a certain mood that they appeal and can be pulled off by basically anyone.
3.Who, in your opinion, is purely awful as a designer?
I don't want to insult a designer altogether, but I haven't really been feeling Bebe this past year or so. Other than that, it really varies from piece to piece. 

4. Who's your fashion role model?
I have to say, Stacy London has amazing clothes. If I could have her wardrobe, I would take it so fast.... I also like Alexa Chung and Kate Spade. I look to tons of bloggers like Tavi for fun ways to spice up an outfit.
5. Describe your style in five words.
Classic, Unexpected, Weird, Obsessive, Photo-Minded.
6. What do you always carry with you?
Oh, that's easy. My camera.
7. Jeans, Sunglasses, or Heels?

That's a hard one. I love them all, but in my wardrobe, jeans are most definitely number one. Jeans can do so many things from dress up an outfit to change the whole mood altogether.
8. What inspired you to blog about fashion?
I picked up my first fashion magazine at the end of sixth grade. My friend from camp gave it to me, and I obsessed over it and walked to my local seven-eleven for months basically daily and spent all of my money on them until I finally got a subscription for Christmas. One issue talked about Style Rookie, and although I knew my mom read tons of blogs, I didn't know people my age blogged about fashion. I adored the idea and toyed with it until I finally caved in last spring. I love blogging because it gives you a chance to emphasize and practically control trends.  Bloggers are always the first people aware of a trend, and I love that.
9. What blog are you obsessing over at the moment?

Sea of Shoes is awesome- great style and amazing photographs as well. I get so exited every time a new post comes out. It would be amazing to meet her in real life. If you want to see the rest of them, check out this post!
10. If you could tell your school, city, or country one piece of fashion advice, what would it be?
Please, don't wear leggings instead of pants. It couldn't be more unflattering.

Now here's the fun part!
The three blogs I tag are:
I also challenge everybody reading this to participate in this tag! Either leave a comment with your answers if you don't have a blog, or leave me a comment with your post's link! I can't wait to see what you all's answers are!                             -Abby

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