Happy Birthday to Me!

Goodness, I'm fifteen- well as of about an hour. I am so exited- fifteen is definitely the age where you go from being a little kid to a full-on teenager. Anyways, my amazing friend Elli surprised me with a bunch of balloons for my birthday! I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but a bunch of balloons is my ideal photo shoot. Ever. So it was basically a dream come true!
All-time favorite shot of the shoot. I absolutely love the color.
Second favorite takes the cake.
This shot of Elli is awesome- so nonchalant- do you often see a girl with a British accent sitting at the water holding a bundle of balloons? Elli does.
Sweet angle.
The grass is great here.
Ok, admitting it: I love this photo a ton. One, it looks like I have no braces. Two, the scarf is actually showing. Three, energy.
The whacked focus here is the best part.
Silhouette only capturing balloons in color. Amazing shot, creds to Elli.
This looks so modern-hipster turned Kate Spade ad.
I am in love with this picture. So much. It is amazing.
Great focus.

Thanks so much to Elli for taking all of the ones of me and for the amazing surprise of balloons! I absolutely adore this shoot! Also thank you to you all for reading- I'll see you guys later! -Abby


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