Bejeweled Metro: Can't Get Enough of this Style.

 I get weird comments every day- "You're not doing it right! Carrying around a camera everywhere with you is so hipster- but you don't dress like a hipster!" and (my favorite), "Ok, why do you do so many photo shoots? Whenever my friends come over, we sit around and eat and watch Youtube! And now when I come to your house, I have to walk and pose for pictures. You need to come to my house and we can eat. Make sure you don't bring your camera." All in all, I doubt taking a trillion pictures on a daily basis is a normality to the rest of the world, but it is to me. Molly and I were talking earlier today about how there really is no better way to prepare yourself for a career than to totally immerse yourself in it and practice it on a daily basis. Who knows, maybe we're destined to work in photography? Anyways, here's yet another photo shoot, this time with Isa. I hope you love!
JCrew Silk Blouse, $98. Madewell Jeans. Minnetonka Moccasins, $40.
I was in the mood for color- the nice pop of pink looks gorgeous and pops next to the casual jeans and mocs. Not only was this fun, but very comfortable for a shopping day on the move. 
Fuchsia was huge for Spring- Ferragamo did a nice, bright color block with lots of colors complimenting the central color nicely. He did great not putting this bright color on overload- that way it would really take over the look, but adding hues subtlizes the effect.
Jeans from Target. Vans Sneakers, $40.
Isa's Metro-Chic vibe is awesome. She perfectly styled this look- from the not-too distressed jeans to the check sneakers to the layered tops, this outfit's a winner. It looks very put together, because the whole vibe matches, yet it isn't to skater/metro- it it was it would be sloppy and tomboy. 
Here's a close up of the pink. This really is a great color, and the fun material will help dress up basically anything. Fuchsia is so bright, that it will automatically make any boring outfit happy and unique.
I just can't get over this outfit. Perfection? I think yes. I also very much love this photo.
I've been really enjoying hair shots recently: The third photo here turned out really well. Motion shots are most definitely something I need to work on because I don't have much practice.
Distance shot- I really love the focus here, it's in two different places!
I really love this shot as well.
This really shows how the pink really pops from the rest of the outfit and the background- it sort of adds a nice cheer to the mood.
More hair shots? Loving it.
These jeans are great. They're not too distressed- but are a perfect medium to make a great city chic look. I like minimum disstression- really, less is more. A few holes give the same effect as some uncomfortable shreds. There's a difference from worn in and fake- isn't the point of distressed jeans to look worn in? Clinton Kelly also points out in his book that distressed jeans make the calves and thighs look immensely larger and wider with the more holes there are.
Great candid.
Well, that's it, Hauties! I hope you have a great day, and make sure to follow my blog! (p.s. If I make it to fifty followers by the end of February, I'll do a giveaway, so follow up!)


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