Photoraphy is what I do.

Molly was in a play (which I very regrettably cannot attend! My life is over!), so we haven't been able to have a mid-week photo shoot in forever. Finally, after rehearsals were over we got to have our first shoot in a while! My neighbor was getting rid of his amazing old Canon and offered it to me. Let's just say I screamed. I'm using a vintage Canon and lenses as well as my Alice and Wonderland Lomography Camera. I was so exited, and I think you will be too- I bet we can both agree that this shoot was fantastic!
Man, photography is amazing. Capture in an instant what the eyes can't see. Gaze at the beauty of something you never noticed before.
Have you ever thought what it would be like if you were a tiny dog and someone was standing up next to you? Being able to capture at all angles and dimensions is utterly wonderful.
Neutralize and boost your life. Find out the hidden and the small- stop focusing on the big picture.
People tell me so much that I edit photos more than I wear make up. That is most definitely the truth. Editing helps bring photography to the next level and give you even more of a creative outlet.
I love this.
Take yourself out of this crazy place- go elsewhere. Another time? You got it. All you need is a shutter and some glass. You're ready to go.
The last time I have gone somewhere with friends without having my camera in tow and actually using it was in early December. Why? Because it was dead.
You really don't need a fancy camera with bells and whistles to take great pictures. Try your point and shoot- even your cell phone! An amazing pro photographer told me that he's taken great photos even on his iPhone that can win over his DSLR. 
I took this with my awfully old phone's camera. Yeah, it may be one megapixel, but that shouldn't bring you down.
My words of advice: go for it. Bring your camera with you. If you don't have a camera, bring your phone. Becoming a good photographer doesn't develop overnight. With a bit of practice, you will acquire an eye for photography and the talent will surface.
I love photography, and I bet you will too. Tell me in comments below your photo tips, tricks, or what you love about it. I would most definitely love to hear your thoughts! -Abby


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