New Review: Bracelet by Claire Flair

Hi Guys! Today I'm going to show you this adorable little bracelet I got from Claire Flair! This hot pink bracelet is too cute for summertime- it will bring a pop to any outfit!
This not-quite neon accessory will still bring the brights right where they need to be: in the accessories! This is so great because it is very classic feeling with the two types of material making it a bit more modern.
I'm quite obsessed with silver- it really does give a 'sturdy' feel to the piece.
Ah! Can you say cute?
If you love this bracelet, be sure to give Claire Flair some love.
Thanks for reading!

New Review: iMO Camera Straps

Hi guys! I am here to let you know about my new iMo camera strap- good riddance boring black Nikon! I was in love with the heart print, and I think it looks fabulous on my camera. And I can tell you, my friend Molly started cooing the second she saw it!
It's made of the traditional camera strap material, with a leather accent for comfort on the neck and at the ends.
I love how it is embroidered- it gives such an adorable texture to the strap and makes me love it even more!
Loving the leather accent!
I love that it is two sided! Whatever color I want to showcase that day is the side I wear.

Thanks for reading! -Abby

New Review and Giveaway: Inscribed Monograms

Hi Guys! Today I'm going to tell you about and give away this awesome wood monogram. It is from Inscribed Monograms- and I am pretty obsessed. Take a look:
I of course got mine painted pink. I really love the font- how my initials are chained together. I have so many decor options I'm planning on using this for- the first being on the shelf in my room!
I've seen these been put in wreaths, centerpieces, and lots of creative spaces! They are extremely versatile. And who doesn't love a monogram? I'm in the process of decorating my room and making it more 'personalized', so this is fantastic! I can't wait to style it.
I love how the A and the W aren't touching the ground, but the monogram can lean on its own. I am seriously in love with this thing! It's handmade from wood and then painted after the cutout. That is the definition of personalized!
Would you like to win this adorable monogram? Let us know in the app below. The winner will be announced on Friday! Make sure you enter!

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New Review: GS Monograms

Hi Guys! Today I'm here to tell you about one of my favorite new shops, Gamecock Shan Monograms. They have absolutely the cutest things on the planet- not exaggerating. Ok, I admit to having a slight obsession with monograms. Check out my new favorites!
I know- I have the worst phone on the planet! But it's a lot cooler now thanks to the awesome monogram on the back! I seriously love these- they're press on's and literally stick to anything- easily. I've tried to do a wall decal with a similar application and it was nearly impossible, and this is nothing in comparison!
I got this fun leather-bound notebook for my birthday and figured a white one would look fabulous in the corner.
Ah! I cannot stop loving this! As of what I can tell, the quality is pretty good- it's stayed in tact carrying the notebook around throughout the day.
Now- here's what they're famous for- and for great reason! I squeal over the cuteness every time I even glance its way! Goodness, a tiny monogram button? Can't get over it. Literally, this is why I want an iphone.
Of course, I mono-ed my lens cap! It looks adorable. I also stuck a smaller one on the back of my camera, but obviously I can't photograph it.
I highly suggest you check out their shop- monograms start at $2.50! I can't wait to order some more!

Thanks so much for reading everyone!

The Patriot

 Hi Everyone! I'm going to do a quick review for you on a product I received from our new sponsor, Ashley's Charm. I got a fun patriotic necklace that I can't wait to wear this summer! Thanks to Emma for modeling.
Emma's dress, Levi's.
This grosgrain ribbon accordion necklace goes perfectly with this dress- the light wash really puts emphasis on the necklace, but keeps the same patriotic vibe.
What really attracted me to this necklace is the texture and how it looks. It is definitely a unique piece, and it looks absolutely darling with simple pieces so it can take the spotlight.
The brass ends of the necklace remind me of the Liberty Bell. The floral design gives a very vintage feel and makes it even more patriotic seeming!
Thanks for Ashley's Charm for sponsoring us! Tell us what you think of this adorable patriotic number below.
Have a great fourth and I hope your summer is going well!

Preying on Prints

Hi Guys! My friends Molly and Emily hung out with me a couple days ago, and of course we took some pictures! Here are the highlights.
Vince Camuto Booties, Converse Sneakers.
I love Molly's preppy Ensamble! Her top is from Sparrow, Shorts from J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer Scarf, and Vintage Glasses and Belt.
I'm obsessed with the scarf, and J. Crew chinos. Could I rave enough?
I love Emily's Slick-Backed look and clear framed glasses.
Her $5 buy of a muscle tee brings out her hipster vibes!
Love both of them together!
The three of us before Emily had to leave!
Oh, look at these little models!
Molly and I visited the beach once again. I am starting to love this place!
Here's an edit I did of Emily and her glasses.
Some fun daisies that we came across.
Both of them are so gorgeous!
I was taking most of these pictures, so I wasn't in most of them. Here's what I was wearing:
Top by Delia's, Necklace c/o Party By Nicole (which I'm still loving!). I wore khacki shorts and my traditional gold sandals.
Thanks so much for reading and I can't wait to see you guys soon!

Photo Editing Tutorial: It's All In The Eyes

Before: A nice photo, but not memorable. After: A winning statement that people will bring up in conversation- "Oh that profile picture of yours, the one with the glasses? That was so cool!"
The where's waldo effect gives a great sort of magical look to the glasses, again making a memorable statement.

Now here's how you work magic!
1. Get a picture where you are wearing or holding sunglasses. Edit it however you want, get it to star quality. Here is the one I used, but be creative! There's tons you can do with a pair of glasses!
I've found that using regular glasses is easier than sunglasses, if possible!
2. Find another picture that you want to be viewed inside the glasses. This picture can't be altered or moved around, so I suggest picking a patterned photo.
3. Upload your picture on Picmonkey. Click on the bottom diamond option (textures). Select upload your own.
4. A small window called 'paint' will open, and check the box at the bottom of it that says "Reverse Effect." Use your cursor to paint inside the sunglasses.
5. Go on the makeup editing page (click on the lipstick) and brighten eyes if needed. Edit the photo however you want to go with your magical glasses! I used vibrance, tranquil, and time machine because this is a bit of a 'groovy' edit.
I hope you enjoyed! Have a great time editing your photos! I'd love to see them- tweet us @fashion_hauties.

Seaglass and Park Benches

Hi Guys! My friend Zoe and I were walking around town yesterday and decided to shoot a few pics to show you what we did. I hope you enjoy!
I love Zoe's Navajo shorts! They go really well with the tribal trend this summer, but make it bright and not so dull.
My top is from Ralph Lauren. Jeans from Madewell, and shoes from Melissa. Belt from American Eagle Outfitters.
Having a photo shoot in a field of daisies has been on my bucket list for the longest time! Truthfully, this wasn't an actual field of daisies, but we decided to shoot in them anyway- it was close enough!
I love her hair!
Red Crossbody from Coach.
I practiced my hobo skills on a park bench.
I have a serious obsession with crossbodies, and this is my only and newest addition- love!
This jump shot is hysterical- it looks more like a belly flop!
Close up on the sand volleyball court.
Goodness, don't we all wish for such long legs?
Another shot with the daisies!
We came across a mini-beach when we were walking down the river. I seriously FREAKED OUT! I have always wished for a beach near me! This defiantly isn't a swimming beach, but I can see myself spending hours down here collecting treasures.
Shells galore!
We collected a ton of seaglass!
Thanks for reading and have and remember to explore your town- you may find a hidden treasure just like we did!
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