New Review: Ear Cuff

Hi Guys! Today I'm going to tell you all about my new favorite accessory from Decadence2 Jewelry: The Ear Cuff! I've been loving ear cuffs recently- they can visually add another piercing without the pain, or the extra hole. I'm not interested in getting more than one piercing, but sometimes I'd like to have a cartilage piercing for the day. This is the perfect solution!
This ear cuff is hammered metal and is extra wide. I love how it looks- best without any other earrings- and makes a subtle statement.
My only reservation about these is my constant paranoia that it's going to fall out without me noticing. We'll see how it lasts- hope it goes well! 
This is how it looks on my friend Zoe's unpierced ear. Looks fabulous!

Thanks for Decadence for sponsoring Fashion Hauties!
Have a great day!

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