Featured in Facon Magazine!

Hi guys! I hope you had a great week!
Elli and I got the pleasure of photographing for Facon Magazine a while ago, and the issue came out today! It was such a great experience and today I get to show you some of the out-takes and let you check out the magazine. Enjoy!
This is my friend Libby. She did all of the hair for the shoot and I have never seen someone as talented as she is with braiding! It's ridiculously awesome the things she can do with hair.
This is my friend Michelle! She modeled for us with Libby and seriously needs to start modeling full time. So gorgeous!
I love this water silhouette!
Gorgeous picture of Michelle! And seriously, look at her hair!
Now for the actual magazine:
                                                   Our shoot is on page 87!
                         Thanks so much for reading and have a great Friday!


  1. Great pictures!! Congrats as well! =)

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