Dear Abby: Fall Fashion Edition

 Are you ready? Fall is quickly approaching and Fall is known as the most transitional season of the year- which is perfect to find stunning on-trend pieces that would look great on you in preparation for the winter. I do Dear Abby: Fashion Edition from time to time, but Autumn is the perfect time to answer questions and revise your wardrobe to its maximum potential.
The big date is October 12th! Submit your questions at the link below by October 10th and they could be featured!

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What are your burning fashion questions?
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Featured in Shy Magazine

Hi guys! I wanted to let you know that my friends Elli, Molly, and I were featured in the DC Fashion Week recap for Shy Magazine! We had a phenomenal time at the events we got to attend, and I'll share some pictures and memories with you this weekend!
What we're wearing:
Elli- Dress, Macy's. Elli's dress seemed rather simple in the front, but the back was a cut-out heart! It was absolutely adorable.
Me- Dress, Aqua for Asos. Blazer, Banana Republic. Bag, Coach. Necklace, Gift (Thanks Sarah!).
Molly- Sweater, Anthropologie. Skirt, J. Crew. Belt, Ross. Bag, Marc Jacobs.
It was such an honor to be able to attend DC Fashion week! The three of us had a great time and took some awesome pictures! Stay tuned to see the album!

5 Things I Love In September

Hi Guys! It's bitersweet to bid farewell to the last couple summery days, but I have an obsession with fall, so it's not as horrible. September has seemed like a pretty long month, and I've found some new favorite things that I've discovered this September.
1. Riding Boots and the Equestrian Vibe in General
Riding boots are my most worn shoe of fall and winter. I literally wear them almost every day. They're comfortable, match with anything, and polish off any outfit. As of last Friday, I am now in possesion of two pairs! I caved in and bought some Frye boots, which I've been wearing on a daily basis ever since. Fall is riding boot season. I'm especially excited that equestrian peices are trending this Fall because I have a slight obsession with the classicness of it all.
2.Releasing the Inner Hipster
Chunky sweaters, oversized oxfords, studded sneakers, they're all evident and acceptable for fall. Autumn is the one time of the year where I have a bit of a hipster obsession and go crazy with the urban feel of it all.
3. Burgundy Jeans
I seriously need a pair of Burgundy jeans. With burgundy being the official color of fall, they should be fairly easy to find. Burgundy is a fantastic, warm color that looks great with neutrals- I absolutely love how they look with a creamy white.
4. Long Necklaces
I love long necklaces because they don't mess with the neckline of any shirt, so they'll most likely make a statement. I'm always drawn to longer necklaces to shorter ones, because they will get a ton of wear.
5. Denim Jackets
I got a denim jacket a few weeks ago, and I have a bit of obsession. It's comfortable, chic, and goes with everything. Denim and Chambray look phenomenal on camera because of the rugged texture.
Happy Autumn!
(all photos from Tumblr)

Part Two in the Magnificent Garden

Hi guys! If you all checked out my last post, you probably saw some of the pictures from our last photo shoot for Elli's birthday. We had a lot more shots that were awesome that I wanted to show you guys!
I absolutely adore this shot of Elli and the Easter Island sculpture! It has to be one of my favorites.
This portrait of Molly is adorable!
I really love how the focus on this shot is Elli's toes. It's not something that is traditionally focused on, but in this case, different is great!
I seriously love this picture. This shot is really cool (and I don't mean it in a sarcastic way)! Seriously, who doesn't want to be friends with the hipster in a fedora sitting on a lake? Wait... I'm making this picture sound a lot less cool. Let the picture speak for itself!
The perfect friendly combination: Colored jeans and Sperries. Oh, and leprecaun jumping!
Two more great headshots of Elli and Molly!
We took a ton of pictures in the country-themed area in the grasses.
This grass was made to go with Elli's hair!
I'm not sure what's up with Molly and I's facial expressions. All I can say is that we were quite serious.
Trying on Molly's Fedora.
Friendship portrait!
I got this cool shot of a wooden gazebo, which I love because the focal point goes in two opposite directions.
Thanks so much for reading, guys! Let me know if you want to see more photos from this shoot- we literally took 500!
See you soon! -Abby

Colored Jeans, Denim Jackets, and Beautiful Gardens

Hi guys! First of all, I just wanted to apologize for being a but slow on posting lately. I've been trying to get sictuated at my new school and getting ready for fashion week. But no worries- I'm back! This week I will be attending DC Fashion Week with my friends Molly and Elli and I'll be taking lots of great pictures for you!
Anyways, this past weekend we threw Elli a surprise birthday party (happy fifteenth!), where we got milkshakes and went to an absolutely stunningly beautiful garden- and I don't use the word beautiful lightly! We got some fantastic shots and had a great time overall catching the last rays of summer before it cools down. Here are some of my favorites.
 I love this shot because it looks like it was taken in the middle of the country. I have a serious soft spot for country photos for some reason- probably because they look so peaceful- and the sun in my hair topped off the country feel.
I love Molly's outfit! A simple striped oxford will look flawless with some simple accesories and colored jeans for an outfit that is perfectly put together. Her pants are from Anthropologie, top is Old Navy, Sunglasses ar Ray Ban, and Hat is from Vietnam. The yellow and blue has a great contrast with her red hair!
I love this headshot of Molly! It seriously looks like one of those portraits taken at a studio with a fake background. And we were on location!
This is my favorite headshot of myself from the shoot, although it's obvious that I've lost every trace of tan that I managed to get this summer (which was not much). I finally got a vintage jean jacket which I'm obsessed with. The texture of denim really brings a lot of visual interest to a headshot.
Molly's Ray Bans and Fedora look brilliant on the lake. Luckily they didn't get wet!
I love this picture of Elli running down the hill. It has a great silhouette, yet you can still see the colors of what she's wearing. The burnt tangerine looks fabulous next to her hair, and the magenta matches perfectly! I loved this outfit. Her top is from Life is Good and pants are from Belk.
I really love this photo. Even though I have a chilling expression on my face, I think it's a nicely unique shot that I'm glad we got (no rhyme intended!).
Molly had a great time in the Asian part of the garden. There were some miniture Easter Island sculptures in the outskirts of the garden. I know these don't derive from Asia, but they were an awesome addition!
This picture is intersting to look at because it looks like it was taken from a fish eye lens. I love the zoominess of it- even the grass looks zoomed in. The cool thing about this shot is that it's unedited. Lots of these shots looked awesome unedited, so we left them the way they were.
This is my favorite shot of Elli! Even with the gorgeous background, the shot is centered on her, and it was taken in the perfect location where the sun was shining on her hair.
Next to the lake, there was an enormous bell that we attempted to get to ring. It was as heavy as it looks!
 Thanks for reading! I hope you had a great week! I'll hopefully be back later this weekend to show you some more of the awesome shots we got!

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Fashion's Night Out Is Perfect, No Joke.

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't posted this week. It was my first week of school, so I was really busy getting situated at a new campus. I hope that those of you that are in school are having a great first week as well! On Thursday I had the opportunity to go to Fashion's Night Out, and it was fantastic! For those of you who couldn't come to the event, I had to take you with me on a VIP tour! Come on for the ride. Some photos were also taken by Naiffer-Romero Photography.
Here are some of the models preparing for the fashion show at the end of the night!
We had a great time getting hair and makeup done for the big show!
They had a gorgeous set up for the show.
One of my favorite parts of the night was the red carpet! There were some celebrity appearances...
We met Monte! In case you don't recognize him, Monte appears on the show Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. It was awesome meeting him and he is so nice!
Molly is wearing a Fedora from Vietnam, her newly dyed red hair, and a J. Crew dress. I'm wearing an Aqua for Asos dress and a red Coach crossbody. It was so much fun getting dressed pre-DC and NOVA fashion week! I can't wait to get dressed like this on the regular!
I met some awesomely classy people before the show, which was...
A huge success!

Thanks to everyone who helped with FNO, it was a huge success! And thanks to you for coming on this adventure with me! Stay tuned for more posts from NOVA and DC fashion week! Thanks for reading!

Lots of Fun on the Job

Hey guys! So I decided that I wanted to enter a contest to photograph the cover of a book being released next year. Molly, Steve, my brother Will, and I had such a great time and wanted to take you along for the ride.
So the book is about a kid who is a criminal, and he ends up going to some sort of criminal academy, and an old flame gets involved in his illegal activities. I have to say, Molly and Steve were phenomenal models!
Just napping in the largest elevator I've seen in my life.
We decided to shoot in an old railroad tunnel that had been converted into a pedestrian path. Molly and Steve have basically the exact same (hilarious) sense of humor, so there was a lot of photo bombing happening! There are some great shots!
This is one of my favorites that didn't end up getting used for the cover! I love how Molly is perfectly hiding in the shadow but still is perfectly visible. 
This shot ended up being converted into one of our entries!
Molly's evident obsession with Smosh.
My brother is a very talented model, as you can see.
Another haunting shot.
We went and looked at some art exhibits after the shoot. Steve and Molly's reactions were priceless.
Stunning. Cover of Men's Vogue? I think yes.
This one too.
I love this shot of Molly!
Our reaction of being asked if we were related: Yes! We are in fact mirror images of each other!

Now here's the best part of this post! You get to peek a first look at our entries!

This one has to be my favorite. Which one is yours?

Thanks for reading!
And for some music to your ears, here is a taste of the dubstep that Steve is famous for:

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