Featured in Shy Magazine

Hi guys! I wanted to let you know that my friends Elli, Molly, and I were featured in the DC Fashion Week recap for Shy Magazine! We had a phenomenal time at the events we got to attend, and I'll share some pictures and memories with you this weekend!
What we're wearing:
Elli- Dress, Macy's. Elli's dress seemed rather simple in the front, but the back was a cut-out heart! It was absolutely adorable.
Me- Dress, Aqua for Asos. Blazer, Banana Republic. Bag, Coach. Necklace, Gift (Thanks Sarah!).
Molly- Sweater, Anthropologie. Skirt, J. Crew. Belt, Ross. Bag, Marc Jacobs.
It was such an honor to be able to attend DC Fashion week! The three of us had a great time and took some awesome pictures! Stay tuned to see the album!


  1. Congrats! :D I really liked your dress, and I can't wait to see more!


  2. wow, that is so awesome you got such great exposure to some local fashion!


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