Lots of Fun on the Job

Hey guys! So I decided that I wanted to enter a contest to photograph the cover of a book being released next year. Molly, Steve, my brother Will, and I had such a great time and wanted to take you along for the ride.
So the book is about a kid who is a criminal, and he ends up going to some sort of criminal academy, and an old flame gets involved in his illegal activities. I have to say, Molly and Steve were phenomenal models!
Just napping in the largest elevator I've seen in my life.
We decided to shoot in an old railroad tunnel that had been converted into a pedestrian path. Molly and Steve have basically the exact same (hilarious) sense of humor, so there was a lot of photo bombing happening! There are some great shots!
This is one of my favorites that didn't end up getting used for the cover! I love how Molly is perfectly hiding in the shadow but still is perfectly visible. 
This shot ended up being converted into one of our entries!
Molly's evident obsession with Smosh.
My brother is a very talented model, as you can see.
Another haunting shot.
We went and looked at some art exhibits after the shoot. Steve and Molly's reactions were priceless.
Stunning. Cover of Men's Vogue? I think yes.
This one too.
I love this shot of Molly!
Our reaction of being asked if we were related: Yes! We are in fact mirror images of each other!

Now here's the best part of this post! You get to peek a first look at our entries!

This one has to be my favorite. Which one is yours?

Thanks for reading!
And for some music to your ears, here is a taste of the dubstep that Steve is famous for:


  1. These photos were great :D And yes, that hs got to be the biggest elevator I have ever seen.



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