5 Things I Love In September

Hi Guys! It's bitersweet to bid farewell to the last couple summery days, but I have an obsession with fall, so it's not as horrible. September has seemed like a pretty long month, and I've found some new favorite things that I've discovered this September.
1. Riding Boots and the Equestrian Vibe in General
Riding boots are my most worn shoe of fall and winter. I literally wear them almost every day. They're comfortable, match with anything, and polish off any outfit. As of last Friday, I am now in possesion of two pairs! I caved in and bought some Frye boots, which I've been wearing on a daily basis ever since. Fall is riding boot season. I'm especially excited that equestrian peices are trending this Fall because I have a slight obsession with the classicness of it all.
2.Releasing the Inner Hipster
Chunky sweaters, oversized oxfords, studded sneakers, they're all evident and acceptable for fall. Autumn is the one time of the year where I have a bit of a hipster obsession and go crazy with the urban feel of it all.
3. Burgundy Jeans
I seriously need a pair of Burgundy jeans. With burgundy being the official color of fall, they should be fairly easy to find. Burgundy is a fantastic, warm color that looks great with neutrals- I absolutely love how they look with a creamy white.
4. Long Necklaces
I love long necklaces because they don't mess with the neckline of any shirt, so they'll most likely make a statement. I'm always drawn to longer necklaces to shorter ones, because they will get a ton of wear.
5. Denim Jackets
I got a denim jacket a few weeks ago, and I have a bit of obsession. It's comfortable, chic, and goes with everything. Denim and Chambray look phenomenal on camera because of the rugged texture.
Happy Autumn!
(all photos from Tumblr)


  1. Did September really seem long to you? I thought it just flew by...
    Anyway, I LOVE fall too, and I really love wearing jeans, boots, and long sleeved shirts, with the occasional (OK, almost everyday) sweatshirt included :)


    1. I agree! I'm obsessed with fall! And yeah- September felt super long to me!

  2. Loved this post! And I definitely want some long necklaces and burgundy jeans. I agree, I love equestrian styles! They are simply so elegant. Don't know if they'd work on me though :/ Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

    1. Thanks Sierra! Anyone can pull of equestrian- it's so classic!


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