Part Two in the Magnificent Garden

Hi guys! If you all checked out my last post, you probably saw some of the pictures from our last photo shoot for Elli's birthday. We had a lot more shots that were awesome that I wanted to show you guys!
I absolutely adore this shot of Elli and the Easter Island sculpture! It has to be one of my favorites.
This portrait of Molly is adorable!
I really love how the focus on this shot is Elli's toes. It's not something that is traditionally focused on, but in this case, different is great!
I seriously love this picture. This shot is really cool (and I don't mean it in a sarcastic way)! Seriously, who doesn't want to be friends with the hipster in a fedora sitting on a lake? Wait... I'm making this picture sound a lot less cool. Let the picture speak for itself!
The perfect friendly combination: Colored jeans and Sperries. Oh, and leprecaun jumping!
Two more great headshots of Elli and Molly!
We took a ton of pictures in the country-themed area in the grasses.
This grass was made to go with Elli's hair!
I'm not sure what's up with Molly and I's facial expressions. All I can say is that we were quite serious.
Trying on Molly's Fedora.
Friendship portrait!
I got this cool shot of a wooden gazebo, which I love because the focal point goes in two opposite directions.
Thanks so much for reading, guys! Let me know if you want to see more photos from this shoot- we literally took 500!
See you soon! -Abby


  1. Sounds like you had fun!
    That picture of you in the fedora was so cute! <3



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