Fashion's Night Out Is Perfect, No Joke.

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't posted this week. It was my first week of school, so I was really busy getting situated at a new campus. I hope that those of you that are in school are having a great first week as well! On Thursday I had the opportunity to go to Fashion's Night Out, and it was fantastic! For those of you who couldn't come to the event, I had to take you with me on a VIP tour! Come on for the ride. Some photos were also taken by Naiffer-Romero Photography.
Here are some of the models preparing for the fashion show at the end of the night!
We had a great time getting hair and makeup done for the big show!
They had a gorgeous set up for the show.
One of my favorite parts of the night was the red carpet! There were some celebrity appearances...
We met Monte! In case you don't recognize him, Monte appears on the show Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. It was awesome meeting him and he is so nice!
Molly is wearing a Fedora from Vietnam, her newly dyed red hair, and a J. Crew dress. I'm wearing an Aqua for Asos dress and a red Coach crossbody. It was so much fun getting dressed pre-DC and NOVA fashion week! I can't wait to get dressed like this on the regular!
I met some awesomely classy people before the show, which was...
A huge success!

Thanks to everyone who helped with FNO, it was a huge success! And thanks to you for coming on this adventure with me! Stay tuned for more posts from NOVA and DC fashion week! Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks like fun. I'm jealous of all of these people who were able to go to fno. Yours looks like the most unique experience so far

    1. Thanks Ally! It was a ton of fun and a great experience!

  2. Looks so fun!! And your dress was really cute :)


    1. Thanks Molly! We had a great time!

  3. great blog! now following you on gfc, would appreciate it if you followed back :)


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