I have a favor to ask you all!

Hey guys! If you don't mind doing this, it would mean the WORLD to me!
I got invited to enter this contest with George Washington University's Modefy Designs, which is a clothing company that lets normal civilians to design a top that will me manufactured and sold to the general public. I loved the idea for the project, so I entered my design. It would mean so much if you liked it- every like counts for a vote! As of right now, I'm in first place, but the contest is going on until the end of next month, so anything can change, and your vote really does count! Here's my design:
It's a satin-ribbon backed shirt with one of my favorite color combinations of Fuchsia and Tangerine. I designed this with summer in mind- I am a huge fan of rolling up sleeves and long sleeves with shorts! I wanted to make this design versatile so that you can wear it whenever you want, and the low back will allow layering with a tank underneath. 
Thank you SO much for your votes and I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week!


  1. Pretty design, that color combo has got to be my favorite.

    xo erica

  2. Looks like what I'd wear too! I've voted for you :)



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