Monotones and Paisleys!

Elli and I had an awesome photo shoot at George Washington's River Farm. This fantastic hidden treasure has the most gorgeous gardens, waterfront views, and scenery that I've seen in a long time.
This is my absolute favorite shot of the bunch. It's oh-so-southern. I've already decided I'm moving to Georgia or Alabama or something when I'm older. The south is perfect!
I went for a really monotone look with a Ralph Lauren pinstripe oxfords and J. Crew chino shorts of the same shade. 
This reminds me of a Kate Spade ad! I love how bright the grass is!
Elli's paisley shirt looks gorgeous and is one of my favorite trends of the moment. Perfect choice!
Whoa! It looks like an illusion! I'm really not sure how this shot turned out. But it is awesome.
The following shots I am most definitely setting as my desktop background:
We found this awesome chop of wood that looked like the cutout of an eye.
Gorgeous paisleys again!
The texture next to her hair is gorgeous. I love this shot.
Sitting by the water is amazing!
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  1. These are lovely pictures! And you're lovely! What camera are you using?


    1. Thanks! We're using a Nikon D3100 :) Nice blog!


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