New Review: Gigee Marie Clutch

Hi Everyone! I wanted to do a review on a clutch I recently got that I've been obsessed with. I love the colors of mine (inspired by this top design), and they're also available in leatherette, in suede in marigold, tangerine, and sorbet. So many options!  
Gigee Marie clutches range from $20-$52.
It's a perfect size folded in half- about six inches tall and a foot long- but after being unsnapped and unzipped, it offers tons of space for all of your goodies.
One of the best parts besides the exposed zipper is the inside- a satin floral fabric that literally had me squealing when I first opened it!

Check out my outfit post from Saturday to see how I wore my clutch!
Overall, this is a great clutch- hands down the best one I've owned -and the bright colors really unleash your creativity and brighten up a boring look instantly.

Thanks again to Gigee Marie for sponsoring Fashion Hauties!

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