It's All Written On The Brick Wall

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A few posts ago, I talked about having an awesome photo shoot regardless of the location. I'm considering making it a series- let me know what you think! Today, Elli and I headed to our nearest brick wall-literally. The shoot turned out phenomenally and I hope you enjoy!
Elli is just adorable! I love her white top next to the splotchy background. It also brings out her gorgeous red hair!
My top is from American Apparel, Jason Wu skirt, and Libby Edelman oxfords. This is a much-worn outfit on my blog- one of my favorite outfits I own!
The brick wall was definitely a success. It gave us an interesting enough and visually appealing background that didn't take too much attention off of us. We were both very pleased with the results! 
We both ended up getting some nice head shots!
The black and white really makes this photo interesting. The shadows give a very mysterious- almost ghostly feel which I love- it matches the history the wall seems to have.
These are both kind of fun shots- the angle and the whack-o jump are lots of fun, and I love them both!
 I love both of these shots of Elli! You can see her smile radiating for miles!
I love this photo shoot! Even with one fairly boring background, we got lots of keepers
 Thanks so much for reading! I hope you liked the shoot! If you'd like to see more, click here to become an Official Hautie! See you all soon!


  1. Lovely photos!Looks like you have a lot of fun during the shoot!:)


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