A taste of Spring!

This week was a wonderful taste of spring. Thanks so much for bearing with me during my mini blogging-vacation- I was practically living outside! Seventy degrees in February is dreamy.
The area where I live near is perfect and rich with history- I can't get enough of these photo op's!
This chambray dress is utter perfection. The punchy orange bag and bright yellow scarf make the look way more vibrant and bring it to the next level.
I am absolutely in love with this cardigan! I found it in October so I didn't have much warmness left of the year to wear it but I'm sure I'll wear it tons this Spring!
I got these square earrings from Nordstrom for my birthday and I've worn them lots already!
I cannot get over this outfit. Promise, if I had this in my wardrobe, I'd wear it in an instant!
Happy pre-spring everyone! Also, check out Molly's new post in which I was featured in! Thanks so much Molly! I love her 30-day fashion photography challenge that she's working on. See you guys soon!


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