Fall Colors Mean One Nice Photo Shoot

Hey guys! Elli and I had a fun shoot the other day around Old Town and it turned out great! We took the photos as soon as the sun started to set, so the lighting was just perfect.I hope you enjoy!
My top is from Madewell, Cardigan from Nordstrom. Bracelet from Gap, and earrings from Pier One. Jeans from Banana Republic. I wore this look to school and went for a casual day, but I really wanted to incorporate some texture into the look so I went for the lace.
I love Elli's soft pink scarf! It's too cute and since it's so close to your face, it brings out the color in your cheeks. This light pink is perfect for her hair's shade of red.
Elli poses as mother nature on a daily basis.
I love this headshot of Elli! It totally reminds me of a senior portrait.
I'm just a tad bit obsessed with this picture. The crispy leaves and cars in the background? My perfect fall in the city. 
Some more senior-looking portraits of Elli.
Yes, we're ready for Christmas. Starting with Elli the red nosed reindeer!
I'm obsessed with this shot of Elli. With the sun right behind her, it lit up her hair.
This is what I was talking about with the scarf! I actually look like I have some color on my face- miracles do happen!
Here's another cool shot with the sun behind my head.
I'm not exactly sure why I have a flower in my mouth, but I like this photo none the less!
Thanks so much for reading and commenting- they make my day!


  1. Oh my word! These are beautiful! The lighting is just perfect, and I love the composition of these. They are stunning!
    I totally loved 8, 11, and 14. And oh my gosh, do I wish I had your hair <3


  2. Your dramatic shot -- gorgeous!

  3. Abby LOVE the pics! I myself like photography but don't get to do it much......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK....cant wait to read more!

    1. Thanks Ariana! Photograpy is so fun. :)


Thanks so much for commenting! Your comments make my day! ♥

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