New Obsession: New Boots

Hey Guys! I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much lately! I've done some really great shoots with Elli and some friends during my absence, and I can't wait to show you! But first, I'm just going to take a minute to express obsession with my Frye riding boots that I recently bought. By obsession, I mean I've worn them basically every day since buying them. Although the price of Frye boots is pretty steep, I consider the cost well worth it because they're adorable, classic, and sturdy- I'll be wearing these in college and beyond.
In case you were wondering, these are the Frye Shirley Riding Boots.
My other pair of boots is a really light brown shade of leather, so it didn't match all of my wardrobe, and I've found the richer chocolate shade matches the majority of my wardrobe. If I had to wear one pair of shoes for the entire fall, it would be these boots!
If you have the opportunity to get a great pair of boots, I highly suggest getting them, if nothing else! They instantly polish off an outfit.
I love my new boots so much! What is your fall staple of 2012?
I'll catch up with you later today with one of Elli and I's newest photo shoots- and stay tuned for a big announcement on Monday!

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