The Ponytail: The Lost Art

Hey guys! Today I'm going to tell you a little about a dying art- the ponytail. I haven't worn a ponytail (besides today) in almost a year, for various reasons. Unless it's a good hair day, your ponytail looks sloppy. And if your hair is overly thick like mine, you'll see a poof of hair bobbing behind your hair with every step you take. It hasn't always been my favorite.
If you've noticed in my blog, I have a ridiculous obsession with the side braid, because it's so easy. The side braid is basically my ponytail. But that's another story.
Anyways, here are some photo-spirations reagarding ponytails. Enjoy!
Tibi Fall 2012
Jason Wu Fall 2012
Say yes to Hobogen
I love the minimalism.
Anyways, it's pretty obvious here that I'm developing an obsession with ponytails. What do you think?


  1. I love putting my hair up in a ponytail! =)

  2. Yeah, I don't wear them much either, because I have the same kind of hair - it's thick and wavy, and doesn't cooporate much. However, I was outside with the dog yesterday, and it started pouring, which meant my straightened hair was ruined. I didn't have much time before youth group to fix it, and even though it took a couple tries, I pulled one off pretty well :)



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