Super Casual in Annapolis, Maryland

The other day, my family took a day trip to Annapolis, Maryland. Annapolis is known for its amazing crab cakes and cutsey boutiques and shops along the avenue, but we decided to visit the windy waterfront and my relative's awesome old house whose past owner was a photographer. I'm talking awesome walls, lamps, and statues. It was a photographer's dream! I had a great time shooting the water and the house and I hope you enjoy! 
This is my favorite one I shot. The quirky focus (which makes the picture) enhances the drama.
What I love about this is the surreal clouds. The sky looks almost neon but the waters look dark and gloomy. It reminds me of a painting of the clouds clearing after a storm.
Of the majority of everyone who saw these photos, this was the overall favorite. The orange-y grass does not look true to life- it again reminds me of storm winds.
The intense coloring of the rocks in this shot is what draws me in. I also like the angle- it looks as if I could just walk on them- and there is great dimension, helping with the walking theory.
The very light lavender makes the shot. It looks like someone's birth announcement!
The purple and green water are very interesting and help make the shot unique.
Seven for all Mankind Jeans, $170. Ugg Moccasins, $100.
The jeans and the mocs are a classic casual combination. I love the partially acidic wash on the jeans, which is kind of grunge, and adds edge mixed with my leather jacket which you'll see later in the post.
Terriffic skyline with the water, clouds, and barely visible forest background. I love how both the clouds and the water are the foreground, giving it definite dimension.
This is a cake pan- but it looks sort of diverted from the actual shape. I love the mirror-effect in the corner with the blue and the neck adds an interesting texture found no where else in the shot.
These were the photographer's walls I was talking about earlier. It reminds me of pennies!
This is one of my favorite shots I got the whole day. The green undertones randomly splotched in give a suspenseful  effect to the photo. I feel like this would be on the cover of a detective novel. Very Nancy Drew!
Weird angle shot taken of my jeans and moccasins again. What drew me to this shot was the sun through the window giving it a cool color effect to the jeans.
I love this little giant (haha for oxymorons). According to my relatives, he was bought from China in the early 1900's and supposedly came with the house when they bought it.
What I love about this picture is how it looks like such a painting! From my jacket to the very wavy, textured water and wood planks, to the city in the background, there is a painted-on texture everywhere which I believe makes the picture very unique and is a nice touch.
The interesting part of this shot is the random green in the middle ground, and how it is so sparse throughout the background. It gives a nice unique touch and draws out the white and navy in the boat.
I like this shot of my brother because his skin looks so white! The hat, which he raves about day after day, is from Quiet Wear and apparently is noise cancelling. 
I am not too much of a fan of this photo. I do like the memory, though! This was a part of the dock that was randomly floating around like a boat unattached from the rest of the pier. Standing on it was very nerve wracking. It was freezing without the hypothermia and being drenched in river water!
All of us were dressed extremely casually- and warmly! I was so grateful for my jacket!
Here again is the penny wall! I was very obsessed.

I hope you enjoyed my little photo album about Annapolis! Have a great rest of your weekend and a happy New Year, Hauties! Cheers for an even awesomer 2012!

Picking your Ideal Spec's!

One of my best friends, Lexa Rowland, is not only a one of my best friends, Lexa Rowland, is not only a truly phenomenal author, but has probably the best glasses I have ever seen a person wear in my life. I give her credit on not only writing this article, but with the glasses-picking genius as well! Her glasses kind of want me to wish I had bad vision...

Lexa's Amazing Spec's!

When picking out a new pair of glasses, it seems like all you have to do is go pick out a pair, give them your prescription, and you're 

done. Truth be told though, there is a lot more that factors in. One should consider each of the following carefully: Where should I buy glasses, in store or online? What is my price range? What style am I looking for?
Both in store and online are good places to purchase glasses, with perks for each. Sometimes an online provider will give you more options, styles, and colours. Meanwhile, in a store you can try the glasses on and see how they look. Online also saves you some time, but a store has more dependability and credability. Depending on your preferences and price range, it's up to you whether you want to use an online site or go to a store. Walmart surprisingly provides great service with glasses and has a decent selection to choose from. Another store you can go to is Lenscrafters.
When you've decided where you want to shop, you should also decide how much you're willing to spend. Glasses can range from 15 dollars, to 300 dollars, depending what you're looking for. If you're willing to spend more money, brands such as Ray-Ban, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and others provide a sophisticated look. Their glasses being more pricey, are also inclined to be stronger and last longer. If you're trying to save a bit of cash but still get a lasting pair of glasses, you won't have to look hard. Websites such as and provide an assortment of stylish glasses for as little as $6.95. If you are trying to save money on purchasing glasses, I would recommend shopping online where you are more likely to come across deals than in an actual store. 
Style is the trickiest part of this experience. How do you know what will look good, but also be what you want? First, think of what look you are aiming for. If you're working as a dentist or lawyer, you don't want a large pair of glasses distracting you and your patients/clients. If you work as an artist, you would want to portray your style and glasses as another piece of art. I recommend for a more business look, something wired or rim-less. Rectangular glasses give you a professional edge, and the clean cut look is classy. If you're going for a fashionable, trendy look, go for something angular or round. Anything colourful goes, too. Thick frames are becoming a big trend, and show off the eyes stunningly. If you're just looking for a sensible back up pair of glasses, small, round frames with decorated sides work well. If you want a retro look, round wire glasses bring back a classic look. 
Also, think of your face shape. If you have a round face, you'll want to balance it out with square, pointy frames. If you have a rectangular face, you are lucky and have more options: square frames intensify your cheekbones, and round glasses don't round out your face, but provide balance.
The last thing that matters the most is, are they “you”? Do the glasses you are about to ring up or put into your online shopping cart represent who you are? Are you edgy like your rectangular frames? Are you simple and easy-going like your rimless spectacles? Whatever your glasses look like, I highly believe they display your personality. And you shouldn't ever worry about what other people think. That being said, be bold. Your vision needs correction so you might as well take advantage of the fact that you get to have bothersome glasses that you'll constantly have to push up your nose, clean with your shirt, and look for fervently every morning because you can't remember where you left those retched, itchy pieces of glass that perch awkwardly in front of your poor eyes. You're going to have to wear them until you: A) get eye correcting surgery; or B) Find your contacts you misplaced three weeks ago. You should at least give your eyes the decency of good taste. If you want to get a pair of aviator styled, green glasses, go for it. Who's stopping you to judge you and say they look bad? If anyone actually does that, obviously they are jealous of what could possibly be the latest trend. Make your eyes have something to look forward to wearing when they wake up. Think of your glasses as an outfit for your eyes; what do you normally wear? Your clothes are a part of your personality, just as your glasses will be. Just be yourself with your eye-ware, and you'll be sure to pick out the perfect pair of glasses that will not only fit your budget, but make you feel confident and good looking.

Molly doesn't actually glasses, but ideally, if she did, these would totally be great for her.
These look great on singer Lisa Loeb! They don't totally take over her face shape- they flatter it!
I love the odd shape of these Chanel glasses. They bring out her eyes, and could potentially turn heads- yet they are classy. I like how the rest of her outfit is simple.
You can always count on Prada for awesome unique spec's! The coral lips play on the clear frames, balancing off the color.
Blogger Tavi's glasses are great because they blend into her face, yet are a weird shape.
These are Prada. They are truly a fantastic work of art. Lining up with the eyebrows make the cheek bones look raised because the focal point is higher. It elongates the face and has a stellar effect on the model!

Thanks so much to Lexa Rowland who wrote and came up with all these tips! Definitely keep these in mind when buying glasses- weather for prescription or for an accessory! 

The A to Z's of Winter: Fashion Edition

Today, I, for the first time, I actually accepted that it is Winter. I decided to make this list of winter trends to piece together my likes and dislikes this Winter season. A lot of these pictures aren't mine, and because I used twenty six, I didn't think it was necessary to post all of the links. If one of these pictures are yours and you would like me to remove it, feel free to email me at the address on the sidebar. I also want to hear from you! What do you think about these trends: Hot.. or Not? Anyways, enjoy.

A is for Alpine Knits. These adorable, and pretty much timeless. Some cool colors like mint green can definitely spark some interest. They are probably one of the most traditional, and cozy-looking things in the whole winter season. I love this trend and I will be and already have gotten some alpine knits.
B is for Braids. This hair trend is the best. I love throwing my hair in a braid, because it looks so put together, but is of course effortless. My hair is extremely thick, and putting it in a ponytail isn't the most attractive... and buns aren't the greatest looking either. I encourage braids for everyone!

C is for Celebrity Inspiration. I love looking to celebrities for inspiration! I have to say, many celebs have personal stylists who should be getting almost all of the credit!

D is for Dresses. What could be more obvious? Everyone loves a good dress, especially when they are less popular in the winter when everyone wants to be bundled up. This makes a dress look more unique and less casual or mainstream. The dresses below are great because they are long-sleeved.

E is for Equestrian Boots. Riding boots are at the top of my Christmas list. They are so low-maintenance, yet they give the effect of a very put-together outfit- just like braids! I love Molly's entire outfit, but it looks even better with the boots. With more tight visibility, it would be a texture overload. Boots can always make an outfit!
F is for Fringe. Fringe is great for giving a bohemian appeal. If helps give hippie-vibes to any outfit.
G is for Glitter. I'm the kind of person who wears glitter as a joke because I'm too scared to wear it for seriousness and is too small to wear it for real. The glitter gowns look great on Taylor swift and both gold and silver look great with her skin tone- be sure to beware looking even paler with silvers if you are very fair like me.

H is for Hats. Hats can make or break an outfit. The picture below is a little bit overdose for my taste, but it does draw attention off of the body and face and makes the focal point up high, making the person look taller.
I is for Icy Toned- Florals. This is a pretty cool winter trend (punny, I know!). The flowers give a nice appeal and make you just look, well, unreachable and cold if that's the effect you're looking for.
J is for Jewel Tones. This is one of my favorite trends this fall and winter. They look great on many skin tones, and look great together, and apart. Jewel tones are a great go-to for any day that you can't figure out what to wear. Some great color examples are shown on the picture below.
K is for Knit Sweaters. Knit sweaters are amazing. I love them so much- the winter months are freezing than anything- all I want in the winter is warmth and comfort. I always find that in my favorite knits! This just happens to be my favorite color, too- even better!
L is for Layering. Teachers at school always tell you to bring a sweater, and then a coat, and then a scarf... and the list goes on to stay warm during the frigid winter times. Who knew that was designer inspiration?
M is for Minimalism. This was also a trend this summer, but it was such a big hit that it has remained 'in' this season. Minimalism looks great on basically everyone- painless can make the greatest effect. Rodarte did a great job below adding texture and cool cuts to their more minimalistic pieces to help them stay unique. Minimalism always looks good, but too much of it can give the opposite effect of what you're going for.
N is for Nude Makeup. This stuff is so nice. I love how the makeup right here is so natural, that it looks like she isn't even wearing it. Then again, what is the point? I've come to the conclusion that nude lips are the key to the equation. Eyes are fine without the nude makeup but lips already have a light pink or red tinge to them which will throw off the entire look. If you don't own nude lipstick, I suggest trying stick concealer lightly to lighten up your lips. This will give a great effect because it is so unexpected and fun- usually people are aiming for color!

O is for Outerwear. Here's one of those letters that you were expecting. I especially like waxed jackets this season. The one below is from Orvis, and I believe the brand is Barbour (who I can wholeheartedly say makes amazing, lasting coats for the style-concious.).
P is for Parkas. Puff coats and parkas are in this season not for the reason that they look good, but solely because they are warm and cozy.
Q is for Quality. This is a given, but pretty much just buy clothes that you know will last a long time. Basically, I suggest buying timeless pieces mostly so you can get more use out of them.
R is for Red. With tons of neutral and plain colors, red adds a nice touch of pop here and there, if used in moderation. Have fun with red like these people did below.
S is for Scarves. Scarves, I've realized, bring tons of my outfits to the next level. I love how they look and bring a ton of element and color to an outfit. It looks, overall, a lot more polished.
T is for Tartan. Tartan, or plaid, is great for a classic-themed outfit. It looks great with knits and other things that may be considered as either classic or preppy, but I suggest staying away from blacks and "Gothic" themed things to pair it with.
U is for Underachiever. This is great for looking like you're not trying, but matching well. I like to pair a plain shirt with jeans. It gives a nice, streamlined, and plain look.
V is for Vampire Lips. These lips- mulberrys and surreal cranberries- as well as just the traditional dark read, look great with un-makeuped eyes. Then the whole effect is going to the lips, without distraction.
W is for White in the Winter. This is kind of a weird trend- the aim is to look ghostly. It makes the person look a lot more pail, but it gives a cool effect of that frostbite-whiteingly pale skin. The marigold trim is very creative, too.
X is for the X-Factor. In this existence, the X-Factor means being unique. Make up your own rules, break all of the other pre-determined ones. Surprise and uniqueness are your best friend in the boring and drear Winter months. I suggest looking to Alexander McQueen for inspiration.
Y is for Yellow and Orange Eye Makeup. This adds a cool and bright effect to the eyes. This is a really over done look, but it can definitely be toned down for school and work and other places to visit!

Z is for Zoological.  Fake furs are perfect for this. They just look so warm and cozy! I personally am not much of a fur person- sometimes it can look good here and there, but I don't especially like them.

Well, that's it- the whole alphabet. I hope you liked it- let me know what you think in the comments below! Over and Out, Abby
See you soon, Hauties!
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