Three Resort 2012 Trends I want to Burn

I know this stuff came out a while ago, but I figured that since resort slash cruise season is coming- 24 days till Christmas! I love resort wear- usually. There's always that weird collection of outfits that I would definitely never wear.
  1. Bell Bottoms

I am not a fan of these pants. They are way too flared- and I remember bell bottoms looking at them. The sweater dress is not too bad, but light blue pastels always wash a person out, especially in the ghostly winter.

Besides the ridiculous flare, I actually kind of like this outfit. I like the colors used, even though they are pastels, and I like the texture and crispness of the material they used.
2. The "rugged minamalist" look: a.k.a. me in fifth grade, unfortunately.
VPL. This is just... Gross. The hair looks like me as a fifth grader. Cowlick-y hair in a messy low pony tail is one of my top fashion regrets.

3. Leggings: the new pants?
This look is coming back from the 80's by a storm. This trend is "in" at tons of high schools- all of my friends have seen it. The point of leggings is something to wear under a dress or under a skirt- not alone.
I'm not sure who to credit this photo to, but this look just doesn't work for me. It not only lacks class and modesty, but it just doesn't look good. Sometimes, a person would wear short shorts because they can elongate legs if worn correctly. This trend is not only so unnatractive, the leggings are so tight that they give the illusion of heavier-set legs and some define cartilage-unlike pants which covers it up. Leggings are the opposite of slenderizing, and I wish I could ban the world from wearing this stuff. I need to call up Stacey and Clinton from What Not to Wear to help these people!

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