Super Casual in Annapolis, Maryland

The other day, my family took a day trip to Annapolis, Maryland. Annapolis is known for its amazing crab cakes and cutsey boutiques and shops along the avenue, but we decided to visit the windy waterfront and my relative's awesome old house whose past owner was a photographer. I'm talking awesome walls, lamps, and statues. It was a photographer's dream! I had a great time shooting the water and the house and I hope you enjoy! 
This is my favorite one I shot. The quirky focus (which makes the picture) enhances the drama.
What I love about this is the surreal clouds. The sky looks almost neon but the waters look dark and gloomy. It reminds me of a painting of the clouds clearing after a storm.
Of the majority of everyone who saw these photos, this was the overall favorite. The orange-y grass does not look true to life- it again reminds me of storm winds.
The intense coloring of the rocks in this shot is what draws me in. I also like the angle- it looks as if I could just walk on them- and there is great dimension, helping with the walking theory.
The very light lavender makes the shot. It looks like someone's birth announcement!
The purple and green water are very interesting and help make the shot unique.
Seven for all Mankind Jeans, $170. Ugg Moccasins, $100.
The jeans and the mocs are a classic casual combination. I love the partially acidic wash on the jeans, which is kind of grunge, and adds edge mixed with my leather jacket which you'll see later in the post.
Terriffic skyline with the water, clouds, and barely visible forest background. I love how both the clouds and the water are the foreground, giving it definite dimension.
This is a cake pan- but it looks sort of diverted from the actual shape. I love the mirror-effect in the corner with the blue and the neck adds an interesting texture found no where else in the shot.
These were the photographer's walls I was talking about earlier. It reminds me of pennies!
This is one of my favorite shots I got the whole day. The green undertones randomly splotched in give a suspenseful  effect to the photo. I feel like this would be on the cover of a detective novel. Very Nancy Drew!
Weird angle shot taken of my jeans and moccasins again. What drew me to this shot was the sun through the window giving it a cool color effect to the jeans.
I love this little giant (haha for oxymorons). According to my relatives, he was bought from China in the early 1900's and supposedly came with the house when they bought it.
What I love about this picture is how it looks like such a painting! From my jacket to the very wavy, textured water and wood planks, to the city in the background, there is a painted-on texture everywhere which I believe makes the picture very unique and is a nice touch.
The interesting part of this shot is the random green in the middle ground, and how it is so sparse throughout the background. It gives a nice unique touch and draws out the white and navy in the boat.
I like this shot of my brother because his skin looks so white! The hat, which he raves about day after day, is from Quiet Wear and apparently is noise cancelling. 
I am not too much of a fan of this photo. I do like the memory, though! This was a part of the dock that was randomly floating around like a boat unattached from the rest of the pier. Standing on it was very nerve wracking. It was freezing without the hypothermia and being drenched in river water!
All of us were dressed extremely casually- and warmly! I was so grateful for my jacket!
Here again is the penny wall! I was very obsessed.

I hope you enjoyed my little photo album about Annapolis! Have a great rest of your weekend and a happy New Year, Hauties! Cheers for an even awesomer 2012!


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  2. The first one is very nice!

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    1. Thank you- that's my favorite, too!


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