Dreaming of a White Christmas... With Hot Chocolate!

On Sunday, I will be having some friends over to have hot chocolate and watch old cutsey movies like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. I am beyond exited. One of the things about me is that I obsess over planning things, especially parties. A wedding planner would literally be a dream job of mine. So, when I was bored today, I got in one of my planning moods and set up the entire hot chocolate bar I'm having. Beware: I'll post more pictures Sunday, and these pictures mostly aren't food-full yet. I still am surprised at my decorating skills since my mother politely obliged to let me throw parties as a small child (Imagine my four-year-old self coming up with games to play at a Rainy Day party. I was quite the creative youngster.). Basically, I plan to throw parties for the random-est reasons and It's a miracle if they actually happen. Literally. I have a notebook that I would keep in my spare time planning parties. I promise, in my mind, it's not overboard. Planning the party is practically more fun (isn't that the awkward truth?) anyway!
I used Good Housekeeping Containers to hold the marshmellow varieties. The wrap around them is Ikea Parchment Paper and Wrapping Paper. The stickers I picked up from A.C. Moore or Michael's.
This isn't the best photo, but I took this ribbon I bought at Hallmark and attached it to a metal ladle.
The ribbon around the crock-pot is Crate&Barrel. The red and white twine is from Ikea. I bought the green bowls from Crate&Barrel and the little mugs from a Williamsburg Boutique. The ribbon around the mugs is Ikea.
Suffolk Canister. I contemplated putting something in the center, but in the end I decided to keep the candy canes alone because I like the effect it makes surrounding the pot as it narrowed the top. This would be a fantastic centerpiece or side accent as it is so adorable and versitle. This is ridiculously cute.

This, my friend is sleek perfection. It it overly cute. The twine is tied in a bow, which makes it cutesy, but it's not clique and overrated like satin. I love how it's fringed so it also embraces perfection-less. 

I hope you liked these ideas! I'm going to post pictures from the actual party on Sunday hopefully. I'd like to hear your opinions, so leave me a comment or email me at fashionalexandria@yahoo.com. 
Disclaimer: all of these were my ideas and I purchased all or the supplies.


  1. Cute ideas! Thanks for linking up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We would love to have you back!! -The Sisters


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