Beach Day

Hey guys! I had the opportunity to stop by the beach for the day with my family on Friday and took a few photos to show you. Let me know what you think!
I decided to wear my duck boots on the beach and it was a great decision! I walked in the waves and it was a great time.
I seriously wish I was a surfer. I've only gotten a few opportunities to surf, and honestly, I need to get a board.
The city decorated the beach with christmas lights and it looked gorgeous even in daylight!
This photo is so relaxing. I could stare at it for hours.
Surprisingly, the beach wasn't that empty. There were quite a few families around town taking photos and walking in the waves as we were.
The seagulls that were taking a stroll around the shore made for an interesting subject.
It was weird how close you could get to the bird without it being spooked. I guess living on a beach gets you used to people with cameras!
I love this shot. The bird is so nonchalant, and his reflection in the sand looks adorable.
This is one of my favorite photos from the day. The sunset reflecting on the windows of the Ferris Wheel looks absolutely stunning.
It's a lifestyle.
We got to watch the gorgeous sunset as we drove away from the beach, and boy was it glorious!

Overall, it was a fun day! What did you do on your Thanksgiving break?
Thanks for reading!

All of The Lights

Hey guys! Molly and I came across some Christmas lights the other day and figured it would be fun to experiment with some Bokeh. They turned out adorably and really encompass the beginning of the Christmas season!
This photo looks so magical. I love the gorgeous glow the lights give to Molly's face.
How the bokeh outlines the tree here is absolutely gorgeous.
First of all, I am obsessed with this photo! So gorgeous. 
Molly's jacket is from J.Crew and earrings from a local boutique.
My full outfit: Jacket- Nordstrom. Top- Gap. Skirt- Anthropologie. Boots- BDG.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous week!

Strips & Navy & Everything Nice

Hey guys! First of all, sorry again for being sparsely posting lately- school's been taking over! The good news is that Christmas is coming, and with Christmas comes lots more photo shoots (and maybe even a new camera)! Elli and I took some photos wearing our school clothes a few days ago, and the pictures turned out pretty well. Enjoy!
We found a mound of post-Sandy trash and decided it would give the shot some nice texture and depth with the brick wall.
This is a great shot of Elli, and I love the Bokeh in the background!
While we walked around town, instead of taking the usual main streets, we decided to walk up and down some alleyways and side streets for a change. The results were a nice change to the average background.
I love this shot of Elli so much! It's my favorite from the shoot; What is yours?
We found some grafitti that looked like a sailboat. With our obsession with sailing, how could we resist?
The tones of the brick really brought together this shot.
Elli and I are twins!
Don't you love her boots? They're the most adorable thing I've ever seen, literally!
Standing on random milk containers is a must!
Thanks so much for reading and be sure to leave us a comment- What are your Thanksgiving plans?

White Collar, Denim Collar

Hey guys! I just wanted to show you all a quick outfit of the day with my friend Molly. Enjoy!
Bowties are the fashion statement of the future.
And so is Molly's sweater.
Chambray Top: American Eagle Outfitters. Sweater: J. Crew. Necklace: c/o  Louise Loirette Jewelry
I'm going to take a moment and express my obsession with this gorgeous Mother of Pearl necklace from Louise Loirette. Long strand necklaces tend to make a huge statement, regardless of the simplicity- which is what I love about this. The gold and Mother of Pearl is so simple that it matches basically my entire wardrobe (and I love it so much that I've been wearing it obsessively!). Check out their shop!
I always reach for my yellow pants during the fall months for a perfect, unexpected pop of color. Pants: Madewell.
Duck Boots: Lucky Brand. These boots are ridiculously comfortable and sweet and wintery!
Molly's denim top: Target. Sweater: Forever 21.
Both Molly and I have a micro-obsession here with layering a chambray shirt under a sweater with colored jeans. This wasn't planned! Chambray is just one of those things that makes you want to layer.
Jeans: Gap. Boots and Socks: Target.
I've been loving combat boots this season, and these dark brown ones are great! They're a nice neutral to pair with jeans and pants- of many colors.
We're both loving our boots at the end of fall!
Thanks for reading guys!

Featured in Facon Magazine!

Hi guys! I hope you had a great week!
Elli and I got the pleasure of photographing for Facon Magazine a while ago, and the issue came out today! It was such a great experience and today I get to show you some of the out-takes and let you check out the magazine. Enjoy!
This is my friend Libby. She did all of the hair for the shoot and I have never seen someone as talented as she is with braiding! It's ridiculously awesome the things she can do with hair.
This is my friend Michelle! She modeled for us with Libby and seriously needs to start modeling full time. So gorgeous!
I love this water silhouette!
Gorgeous picture of Michelle! And seriously, look at her hair!
Now for the actual magazine:
                                                   Our shoot is on page 87!
                         Thanks so much for reading and have a great Friday!
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