So, what to wear to school?

I received a question last night via Facebook about suggestions about to wear to school. I love this question- while schools differ from place to place, the current trends at my school happen to be those god-awful super short spandex skirts that look seven sizes too small, or, just as bad, wearing leggings with a shirt (I won't drone on and on about this topic, but it looks like whoever the person is rolled out of bed and forgot to add their skirt because they were so tired). Anyways, dressing for school is sort of a hard thing- depending on your school and dress code, your formal and casual balance can be different. For this post, I'll follow the general public school dress code of pretty much wear what you want as long as it's not too revealing. Here are a bunch of sloppy go-to looks to replace that will bring your look to the next level with minimal effort.
Go to Item: The Sweatshirt
Oh, Sweatshirts. These OK, I'll admit, comfy, yet ugly bundles of fleece are one of the most pursued items in a student's wardrobe. Unfortunately, they are lumpy and unshapely and will visually make you gain fifteen pounds. Avoid sweatshirts to maximum potential to avoid looking like a slob.
Ditch the Sweatshirt and Go For: A Cardigan
A cardigan is a bit more form fitting, but not too snug. Solids coordinating with the color of your shirt underneath will look adorable. Suddenly, not only are you warm and comfortable, but you have an adorable layer adding on to  your outfit greatness. Not to mention it'll take up less space when you aren't wearing it, unlike the annoying polar fleece that takes up half of your backpack.
Go to Item: Graphic Tees
We all have them. Those rectangular, sloppy, so-old-that-the-paint-is-peeling-off graphic tee. They aren't the best to enhance your shape, or give a put together and sophisticated feel. Every once and a while you can find a decent graphic tee, but I will tell you that ninety nine percent of the time they can be easily be replaced with a nicer top, again, making your outfit more put together in a simple switch.
Ditch The Graphic Tees and Go for: A Fun Scarf
A scarf will not only keep you warm, but add a fun accessory and some color and print to your outfit while dressing it up all the more. It'll add a nice, yet put together pop to the outfit. Scarves are all the rage this winter, and because there are such a huge variety of patterns and colors, you will be able to easily express your true personality with a statement.
Go To Item: Ugg Boots
Yes, I admit. I had a brief Ugg Boot obsession in December when it was first getting cold because I owned no other boots and they were so warm. Thank goodness I got some new boots and have sworn off of them! Ugg boots are clunky, stereotypical teenager (For a bad reason! An insult to tennagehood!), and downright unattractive. 
Ditch the Uggs and go for: Riding Boots
I have quite the obsession with my riding boots. I wore them today, and heck- I wear them every day. As Clinton Kelly always says, "Shoes set the tone of an outfit." So if you are wearing super casual shoes such as Uggs, your whole outfit isn't taken seriously. If you were to wear a dressier and more formal footwear such as equestrian boots, the expected tone of the outfit will be more formal and less sloppy.
Go to Item: Yoga or Sweatpants
Have you ever looked at someone trudging around a grocery store in their sweatpants-or are they pajamas- and thought to yourself, wow, they have an amazing sense of style or she looks gorgeous, when someone's wearing their frumpy, loose and lazy pair of pants. While you're wearing sweatpants or yoga pants anywhere but the gym, you're taking away any shape or structure that can be found in other pants. This goes for leggings as well- one of my top fashion pet peeves! Leggings are so tight and boring that they loose shape. A spandex suit such as leggings couldn't get any worse!
Ditch the sweatpants and yoga pants and go for Pants With Structure
Even a pair of jeans provides more structure than sweatpants! Material like denim will give you more room to shape your wardrobe and will help you look more put together. Also try colored pants (as mentioned in my last post), cords, or a nice crop.

Thanks for reading! I always appreciate questions: post on our Facebook or send us an Email! Have a great week and always remember to dress your best- even if it if to school!


  1. This is so true! Everyone at my school wears 'Secret' Yoga pants, Ugg Boots, and either a Hollister or Abercombie hoodie! I usually come in wearing a cardigan or a top(I think is cute hehe) and they stare at me like I'm CRAZY!! Thank Fashion Hauties!
    PS. Is there a substitution for a north Face? I have one and I love it but I find myself wearing it two or three times a week!

    1. Thanks so much! I suggest wearing a North Face, as you were to school, as a light jacket on warmer days, but not for the entire school day. You can also switch it out with, as you said, a cardigan. I love how you wear a cardigan to school instead of a sweatshirt. Instead of fitting into a mold and conforming, you are being unique and embracing your own style. You are certainly not crazy! Good luck with your stylish endeavors! :)

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