Your Fashion Questions: Answered.

Dear Fashion Hauties, For an informal Sadie Hawkins dance (with a dress code of white and no dresses), what should I wear? Sincerely, A Camp Friend

     First of all, that's so fun that your school is having a Sadie Hawkins dance. An informal theme is meant to be stress-free, but as we all know, it can just add to the stress of the event with dresses out of the question. The key to dressing for a school dance that's informal is dressing better than you would at school, but try to at least look like the effort for getting ready was kept to a minimum. First, we'll talk about not what to wear.
- Jeans or Sweatpants. It will look like you just rolled out of bed for the dance, and is not at all fashionably impressive. If you want to wear pants, wear a more formal pant such as crops or colors.
-Sneakers or high heels. These are the main kinds of footwear that you want to stay away from. High heels are too dressy- again emphasizing the supposed low effort provoked in this event. Sneakers are way too low effort. Find a happy medium like oxfords or ballet flats to put together your outfits. Some other possible footwear could include leather boots, moccasins, or lace up booties to stay with the nonchalant theme. Try to stay away from wearing Ugg Sheepskin boots or Toms at these events- they may be fine for school, but are not a good impression to make at  a dance. It will look like you came straight from school.
-Sweatshirts. If you want some kind of layering, go for a nice jacket or cardigan to keep you warm. Also stay away from ski jackets that can look uncoordinated and thrown together.
-Those tight elastic skirts that are sold at almost all mainstream stores nowadays. These skirts are not only unflattering and innapropriate, but cheap looking. People buy them for about $10 at the mall. Wearing one of those would just make you look like a cheap mall rat- same with leggings without a skirt on top. It looks cheap and un-pulled together.

Now for the fun part!
Although white is a particularly hard color to work  with, especially after labor day, it doesn't mean your outfit should outline your struggles!
Luckily, white is extremely popular this season with couture designers (Click here to see my post about it.).
Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Theory, you name it. They all focused on whites for their winter and spring collections.
Alexander McQueen focused on very ghostly vibes this season.

To looked more pulled together for this occasion, I suggest wearing a simple skirt and top.

A simple skirt is a great basis to your outfit.

Or, to have a party vibe, get a white sparkle skirt.

A nice way to add pop to the skirt is to have a secondary color, such as black. Black will make the white pop even more and will make you stand out in the crowd.
White House Black Market Skirts, $30, and $88.

For your night out, I suggest not going head to toe in white. If your entire outfit is the recommended color, you will blend in with the group. A way to stay within the dress code is to use small doses of color. Try a nice jewel toned flat or a big necklace. I want to point out that if you are wearing a black and white skirt like shown above, you should stick to white for the rest of the outfit so the focus is still on the theme color.

Here's some outfit Inspiration:
Black subtly helps you look less like a ghost in small doses. The textured skirt is a great unexpected "pattern" that still follows your dress code!
A flowy tea skirt and cute flats are a must have with a textured blouse.
Add a colored belt for a quick, cute waist definition.

White? No Problem.

White? No Problem. by fashionhauties featuring an oversized cardigan

I hope this helps with your dance. Have a great time, and remember to always wear what you like, not what your classmates like!

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See you soon, hauties!


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