One Pair of Pants, Five Outfits.

Colored pants should be an essential to every wardrobe. They are a great way to add a very unique and unexpected touch to an outfit without it being too complicated. I especially love the less popular colors- fining interesting hues can become a chore without jean queens like J Brand and JCrew. Yellow jeans is especially hard to match up- avoiding pastels to avoid Easter Egg comparisons, and black as to not look like a bumble bee-  here are my top ideas for creating awesome outfits from such a crazy color.
Old Navy Sweater, $20. I love this sweater because of its sweet blue and visually interesting textured knit. This outfit is great because it was so easy to just throw on, but it looks really put together.
Shirt from American Eagle Outfitters, $40. JCrew Bag (from years ago), $50. Chambray shirts are perfect for an unexpected shpeal to the outfit. The madras on the bag gives a nice pop of color to the look without becoming too Easter Egg or bland. 
Old Navy Shirt, $15. I am in love with this shirt- the whole outfit, for that matter, because of the easy color blocking. Even though it is quite an old trend by now, it is great to wear on a day to day basis, especially when it is the end of the semester at school and you are sleep deprived.
I apologize for this awful photo ahead of time! Kensie Sweater, $45. I'm not usually one for short-sleeved sweaters, but I was a sucker for this one. I love Irish knits, especially ones that are non-traditional.
Sweater from JCrew, $25. American Eagle Outfitters Tank, $15. First off, shout out to my lovely church and our retreat coming up in less than a month that I am so exited for I can barely contain myself. I put together this outfit at the spur of the moment around September- and I really love how it doesn't necessarily match, but it goes. I simply cannot wait until spring when I can wear this again!

Well, that's it! I'm exited to hear from you about your awesome combinations and creativity- email them to me at or on Facebook for a chance to appear on Fashion Hauties!

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