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I am honestly done with boring weekend outfits. Every weekend I just throw on a pair of jeans and a shirt, no thought involved. After I found these pictures, my loss of style during the weekends evaporated.
From Preposity. These cute indigo pants are perfect for the weekend: they are skinny pants, but not quite jeans which could potentially evolve the outfit into sloppy. The different shades of brown leather are great because they are effortless and not too matchy-matchy. The light blue skirt that sort of comes off as an off-white next to the navy weekender blazer. I also like the pinch of green in the belt, not keeping the outfit one color and drab.
Pants from Madewell.
From Tumblr. I really love alpine sweaters this winter. They're warm, sweet, comfortable, and chic. This person paired it wonderfully with a cream scarf, and of course, Starbucks. This is an adorable, yet super casual outfit that I am definitely going to recreate.
Again from Tumblr. This look is so great because it is so simple to put together. What could be easier than a button down with a brooch? The flower is great and adds a nice girly touch.
From Tumblr. This hair is adorable. Fishtails are so popular this season- from Marc Jacobs to Rodarte, they've made major runway appearance. I need to learn how to fishtail my hair. The flowers top off this look and make is a positively gorgeous statement. The thing about this looks is that it really isn't for weekend- more for a formal event, although this person took weekend to heart.
Tumblr. What tops off this look are the duck boots. I have to admit that once I got mine, I wore them on overload- literally, there were blue skies and I was clunking around in duck boots. Not only are they comfortable, but they have a laid-back, preppy vibe that rainboots are just too sloppy to do.
From Tumblr. During the weekends, I'm more of a pants girl, but this skirt is a great mix of chic and casual. I would totally wear this out and about on errands or shopping. The denim is great and not too fancy, as is the elbow pads on the sweater.
This JCrew outfit is positively fabulous. I own a coral sweater of my own, but I never thought to pair it with turquoise and fuchsia. The glasses give are a nice, 40's touch, and the wavy hair makes the look laid back. This is a great outfit to be seen around town in.
From Tumblr. This jacket as adorable paired with the chambray shirt. The rolled up sleeves are a nice way to make the look more casual- and just look at those bracelets! The way they are stacked aren't too overpowering and make the outfit unique.
Tumblr. The barn jacket is one of the top things on my to-do list- it's casual and chic at the same time. The plaid on the skirt also brings out the equestrian vibes and pulls it together. Out of all of it, my favorite part of this outfit is the hair. A topknot is great, but the waves and randomly placed braids look great and again, while pulling it together, make it casual.

As you've probably realized, the way to go here is casual chic. Put some nicer pieces on and pair them with a cute, yet more comfortable piece and you've got a perfect weekend. Happy three day weekend, guys!
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