Party Preparation

Molly and I were both feeling the pastels that are coming in this spring. They are sweet, adorable, and just darn girly. You couldn't ask for something better for early springtime- especially at a party!
I love these paper lanterns- they are a wonderful accent and bring spring to a room, even in the dead of winter.
Old Navy Cardigan, $20. JCrew skirt, $60. Hue Tights, $12. Liberty of London Rain boots, $40.
I love the sweet tone of these pastels. It is fun and girly and a look that I don't try often. This trend is a heavenly mix of 60's mod and Parisian chic. I couldn't ask for a cuter trend.
Molly is wearing an Anthropologie cardigan, $60; Old Navy Jeans, $25; and American Eagle Outfitters Wedges which she got at a Designer Consignment Shop for just $5.
Striped henley from Old Navy; $15. I absolutely adore this outfit because it is so casual- I could easily find myself wearing this to school- yet it is dressed up with the wedges. I will say that wedges aren't too popular this season- it's more of a ballet pump, or a heel without a platform. I love these because they are gorgeous and both classy and classic. This is one of those amazing trends that make it look like you got a great vintage find when all you did was go to your local shoe shop!
Leave it to me to make an obnoxious face during a photoshoot...
Molly's Toms were worn earlier in the morning before all of the set-up madness. I love them because they are parallel to the pastel theme, yet very unique and spring-y in color. Here's what Molly has to say about it: "If you have light skin and hair, pastels are not totally forbidden. It's like eating candy- best in moderation." What really takes this look to the next level is the floral headband- creating an ultra-girly accent from head to toe.
While putting together this outfit, I was a bit bored by the colors- the pink is so light that it seems off-white, and a grey skirt is so neutral- that pretty much all that was going through my head was texture, texture, texture! Usually in my outfits, I have a bright piece to make the whole thing pop, but here, I tried a foreign technique. The Forever 21 top has major visual detail with embellished and dimensional lace; the JCrew flower in my hair; the embellished flowers on the Old Navy cardigan; and of course the metallic silver belt from Crewcuts. I really found an appreciation to texture and pastels putting together this outfit- as Clinton Kelly (5 billionth reference, I know...) always says, "There are four key elements to an outfit: Color, Texture, Pattern, and Shine." Up until today I was majorly forgetting about what texture can do to an outfit!
And here I am again with the obnoxious faces and poses. I will admit, sarcastic modeling can be even more fun than the real thing (Mullberry for Target Bag. And here is where I could start rambling about my new obsession with the arrival of Jason Wu for Target. But I'll spare you the rambling and do that elsewhere.)!

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