How to Organize Your Bag- Like a Pro

I am an over packer. Literally, if you tell me to pack a spare pair of jeans, I will pack an entire outfit altogether. But, when it comes to handbags, I organize to the point when even my mom (the queen of clean) congratulates me! Here are my must-haves for every trip out the door. Enjoy!
The full contents of my bag. I like the mini-bags situation because everything is so neat and consolidated- no digging for your wallet or your keys! Eskimo make up bag from Blue Q. Other than that, I'll mention them below.
I go no where without my camera. Literally, it's my secret weapon.
Always bring a snack. Convenience stores and cafes will often mark up prices way more than you would want to spend, but when you're hungry, you cave and buy it anyway. Save your money for the good stuff!
I always bring a roll of swatches with me. It helps me remember a certain color or pattern of an item, and it is the perfect material for a makeshift business card in a jam! I got these for free from Pottery Barn Kids.
When I first got this in my stocking, I was thinking exactly what you were-why a pill box? I love tiny things that fit in nooks and crannies, but they always get lost in them! This excellent box is awesome for carrying things like studs, earring backs, and safety pins. It keeps then nice, separated, and organized for constant use. I find it specifically helpful for when I am wearing large, heavy earrings- when my ears start to hurt, I switch to my backups!
This item is a bit bulky for my taste, but they keep my glasses safe, and that's what matters! Glasses from Betsey Johnson.
Dooney&Bourke wallet. I love the sweet print with the bright colors; it's easy to find. What really drew me to this wallet was the little ladybug. Sweet touches make the whole wallet unique.
Notebook from World Market, $4. I always carry a notebook, pen, and extra SD card with me because I get great ideas for blog posts all the time when I'm out and about. If I hadn't written them down, there would be a lot less posts!
To tell you the truth, I'm not much of a Makeup person. I really only use mascara and foundation on a daily basis- and sometimes tinted lip balm to add some color.
Contents of my Make Up bag: 
  • Tic Tacs. I don't know a better treat than Tic Tacs. I bring them everywhere!
  • Clinique Mascara. I love Clinique, and the petite size is great to bring with me on the go.
  • Vineyard Vines Eraser.
  • C.O.Bigelow Mentha Lip Gloss. This stuff works miracles, and the sweet mint flavor is delightful.
  • Spare Ponytail.
  • Clinique Mini Compact.
  • C.O.Bigelow Rose Salve. This stuff is amazing. Period. Perfect for chapped lips and skin.
  • Sugar Lip Treatment. If I only had one thing in my bag, this would be it. I bought it just yesterday, and after literally months of chapped lips, they are great!
  • Aveda Sample Size Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener. Samples are phenomenal for trying out a product, and brining it with you on the go! This stuff is great especially in the summer when my hair starts to frizz and get out of control.
  • Pocket Bac. Hand Sanitizers made in heaven.
  • World Market Compact Mirror. I got this about a year ago, and it's literally indestructible. The nice size fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Revlon Lip Butters. I'm not one for too much lip stick, but this stuff is great because it is like lip balm and lipstick in one, yet not a tinted balm. Definitely recommend it to those who hate dry lipstick that flakes and looks gross in less than an hour- this stuff works wonders!
  • Heart Band-Aids. I believed these are from Michael's from the $1 bins.

Inside the Altoids tin, I keep my mini Bare Minerals foundation. Not only is this great foundation, but it fits perfectly inside this adorable little tin- I will never lose a piece of this set!
Fits like a charm! How did you like my bag? Let me know on Facebook or at! See you soon, Hauties!

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  1. Really useful. I think I'm gonna buy/sew a bigger backpack, so I can bring my camera with me everywhere. Maybe one that has also some protective foam in it, like Jo Totes', but as a backpack.
    I actually had a bad experience from buying a non-backpack to carry my computer around... I felt like I couldn't move or I'd fall or break it, so when someone agressed me (never tell dipshits you're not heterosexual, never!) and I couldn't see anything because of coke in my eyes, I also didn't defend myself and fell on the ground. And broke my computer a bit, but not in a way that makes it unworkable, just so you can see that I fall on it and on the ground. So yeah, backpack it is. Looking back, I could actually have moved with the computer bag, since once I thought it was broken I started defending myself, but yeah, just don't feel like it is possible with those. Backpacks are so much more comfortable in every ways.


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