New Review and Giveaway: Simply Livly Ivory Wood Necklace

Hi guys! Today I'm going to tell you about one of my favorite new pieces, this necklace that is made from rice wood beads in a sort of crochet pattern. This gorgeous necklace has quickly become a statement maker- but I'll tell you about that in a minute! Read on for information about how to win this necklace!
Right when I got it, I fell in love! The pattern, the bib shape, the color, it's amazing and perfect for summer. I love that it makes a statement, but with the muted colors it doesn't take over your outfit. I wore it to school today to find out the general reaction of my peers, and it was a huge success! Compliments from tons of teachers and students all day, all thanks to Simply Livly. Today was an exam day- for Latin (which I am not lucky enough to be good at)- so I needed a quick outfit that would be comfortable for the exam yet still be chic. Success! A simple blue tank paired with this made a great beachy vibe.
You can tell these are delicate, yet still well made. I've bought stuff off of etsy in the past that really doesn't stay together and is so fragile it is wearable, and I was worried about that for this necklace, but the worries worn't needed. It stayed in tact throughout the day and is still in perfect condition!
A picture from their site, and I just wanted to share it with you- it works with all necklines!
Want to win this adorable necklace? Let me know by filling out the rafflecopter below!
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