New Review: Lulu Lily Necklace

Hi Guys! Today I wanted to do a quick little review for you for one of my favorite new brands- LuluLily! They have tons of cute stuff in their etsy shop, so check them out! Thanks to Zoe for modeling!
I am not usually the hugest fan of shorter necklaces- I prefer longer ones- but this one is adorable! It reminds me of a summer picnik!
I'm loving the look that that it is a necklace covered in fabric- something unique that you don't see to often.
I will definitely be wearing this a ton this summer! The quality is great, and it's easy to match. The tie back lets you adjust the length, which I also love!
Thanks to LuluLily for sponsoring Fashion Hauties and thanks to you for reading! Don't you just love this?

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