Mini-Shoot With Elli!

Hi Guys! A few days ago Elli and I had a super quick photo shoot. It would be much longer, but here's the story:
We got to the farm around 3:00. There was a wedding that was starting, so we had to completely avoid them. Then at 3:15, we get a call from Elli's mom that it's about to start pouring rain and there is a tornado watch. As you can tell, this wasn't turning out very well. By the time 3:30 came, it had started to pour and the clouds were so low that they looked as if you could grab them and were so dark that they were practically black. After sprinting past the wedding and into the car, the buckets started to come down!
Besides the crazy weather, I have to say, we had some success! Check out our shoot:
I love how this one turned out. The huge leaves, the hat, and the lighting made it look like it was taken in the middle of a jungle.
This head on shot of a wilted flower is one of my favorites!
I absolutely love this shot of Elli! The lighting is so good that it doesn't give a trace of rain, but as you can see below, it happened.
We found a stone wall that ended up being the perfect area for shots. We took basically all of them here!
These two are absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy with how they turned out. Elli and I both went for florals and a pop of color in different ways. My lace top added major texture to the look, while here ditzy floral tank gave a great vintage vibe. We matched without even planning!
Thanks for reading!

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