Here's a little chat with the style concious Annika!

1. Describe fashion in six words.

isn't it the illusion of flattery?

What is the most satisfying thing about fashion?

the fact that there's enough fashion to make anyone look good

What is your least favorite trend of the moment?

this is super embarrassing to tell my fashion-awesome friend but i don't even know what the trends are really other than like skinny jeans
fail, right?

who is your style icon?

I always like seeing who and what tyra's wearing

Would you rather wear:
Prada or Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs.

Vera Wang or Louis Vuitton

Vera Wang, baby!

Meet Chanel Iman or Aygness Denn

Aygness Denn
wait, i thought it was deyn

Wear bell bottoms or overalls


Would you rather be classified as Haute or Hot?

prob haute

What is your favorite and least favorite color of clothing?

I like pastel blues, pinks, and purples

thanks annika!

I'm in the hospital with denim overload!

By Sarah Jean
Hey, have you ever walked down the street and seen people wearing jean dresses? Yes I am actually talking about human beings wearing jean dresses. Wearing denim in moderation is perfectly fine, if you have a pair of Jean shorts with a jean jacket, then you're kinda pushing the enevolpe. Adding denim to an outfit can make it elegant and yet sophisticated, just remember that before you see that type of material in a store and decide to buy it. We are now in the 21 century not to forget spring/summer time, that means you need to dress appropriately. And no I don't mean not wearing anything revealing, what I mean is you cannot wear a heavy material like denim and not expect to sweat like a pig. Not to mention it is completely unattractive, why did you think they weren't is style for the first time?
The picture shown is a perfect example.. Stella McCartney must've made a huge mistake here, because this shapeless outfit reminds me of a Preschool teacher who woke up five minutes before the kids arrived... And how would you feel if this was all mustard yellow? Or puke green? It's the same with Jean. This is not only destined, but affirmative, it's a denim OVERLOAD.

Margaret: Primped for the Beach! Unforch, we're stuck at home.

Margaret, my fabulous, and should I say, very dernier cri, neighbor likes to shake up her preppy style with some unexpected and unique features that NOBODY else will dream up of adding to her outfit.
Outfit One:
Margaret wearing a Lilly Pulitzer Dress; $298.
Gold Sparkle Converse; $45.

Who would have ever thought to add some sparkley Chucks to remix the whole thingymajig? Margaret. It adds a spunky touch of flavor and flattory, offering a rebel-ish vibe that is unpredicted with the effortlessly chic Lilly dress which is so incconient, yet adorable.
Outfit Two!
Lilly Pullitzer Tunic; $198.

Miss Trish of Capri Sandals; $50 (approx)
A wee bit too small? Psh, who cares?  They're adorable! And what really exites me about these is the new Miss Trish for Target line! They're super cute, and only like $20-$30, great compared to $50. My only complaint is that they don't carry the rubber swim collection.

Outfit 3: Shirt from Target and Shorts cut from jeans from Old Navy.
So adorable!
Thanks Margaret for letting us shoot your wardrobe!

A vally, some grass, and some tortiseshell glasses

Today we had a photo shoot with Molly and Emily.
Come and get us.
 Just kidding, we're not fighters.
Molly in a JCrew shirt.

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