Accessories-Hot or Not

Hey S.Jean from the Fashionhauties here! I'm here to talk a little about my self, but a lot about fashion. First lets start off with a little about me. I'm 13 years old, my favorite color is purple, and i am the sketch person for the Fashionhauties. To be honest with you I'm am the typical graphic tee, converse, and skinny jeans type of girl. Occasionally I throw on a baby doll tee and a pair of flats to mix it up, but the number one thing I never leave the house with is my one of a kind(s) bow headband. It is honestly my register trade mark, without it I'm not me. Now that you know a little about me lets move on to the next subject accessories.  These small pieces of your outfit can either ruin it, or complete it. Lets face it you need accessories, lets just talk about which accessories will be appropriate this week....

  • Earrings(Hot)-  Come on! we all know its about the dangles and the hoops(If its not large its not hot), you can pull of wearing a pair of mini hoops or stud earrings, but come on who are we kidding! You can't take away the shine form the hoops.
  • Hats(Not)- Sure everyone in a while they're cute! But since it has been noted that most places have no-no policies for hats, the "head gloves" have lost their limelight! though every once in a while don't be afraid to try on a beanie.
  • Necklaces(Hot)- Whoever doesn't like these well "nertz" to you! There is always a place for a necklace on an outfit. I just depends on how hard you look for it! They can be beads or full out diamonds and still make you look like a runaway model!
  • Bags(Not)- This one can cause problems, for one this lets get this straight, there is a large difference between a satchels and a purse. If you've been living in a rock all these years, you wouldn't have noticed that satchels are the ideal accessory that is also great from carrying your lady products.
  • Headbands(Not)- Being a huge headband lover myself, this honestly kills me in saying that these beautiful pieces are dying out. Every now and then you will see a headband that does it's job while being fashionable, but not all the time. Though don't throw out every pair you own cause I gotta a feeling they're coming back!
  • Belts(Hot)- They will never go out of style! Belts are seriously an accessory made from heaven! They can go from almost anything and never be uncomfortable. So keep on holding on to them and never let them go.
  • Hoodies(hot)- Now I'm not sure if these count as accessories or not, but they're still going on here. The provide warmth and can also be you security blanket! They are also known for hiding any embarrassing stains or rips in your outfit!

Well that all for this week, maybe if you guys like me I'll be able to come back. But for now, See Ya! (Everywhere on this list were complete opinions. Do not change yourself or style just because of what I said. Like Lady Gaga always says "baby you were born this way!)"

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