Blogger Bio: Abby!

Hi. I'm Abby.
I'm 14.
This is what I wore
to school today.
Ralph Lauren Top, $50.
Old Navy Shorts, $25.
Steve Madden Sandals.
What I love:
Tennis and Violin
Shopping. Clothing.
Photo Editing.
And a ton more...
I'm not too adventurous. 
(I thought of adventurous as sitting on this rock, which isn't at all by the way)
The biggest roller coaster I've ridden is the log flume. I like the swing ride.
My favorite Designers and Brands are Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson, Philip Lim 3.1, Thakoon, Vera Wang (what girl dosen' love Vera Wang!), Proenza Shouder (I bet it's spelled wrong), and (usually) Prada. And the list goes on. WAY on.
This picture is fabulous. Photo credit Taylor. End of Story.

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